How to Get Free Skins in Valorant (2 In-Game Methods)

Valorant has some of the flashiest skins that can make the default loadout look plain. See how you can earn FREE shiny new cosmetics for your loadout here.

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By Remi Smith
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Updated July 17, 2023.


Riot Games' Valorant has arguably the coolest weapon skins you can get in online games. Some skins deck out way more for your gameplay than just a shiny new look—some have epic reload animations, some come with dope kill animation effects, and some have awesome new kill signs when you get multi-kills.

Most of these cool skins have a nice fat price tag on them, though they do make the default weapons look a bit dull. However, there are ways to deck out your loadout without spending any cash! Keep reading to find out.

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Method 1: Obtain Free Valorant Skins Through Battle Pass Chapter Rewards

Many active online games these days have battle passes loaded with cool items you can get just by playing the game and completing challenges. In Valorant, they're called "Act Passes." There are 2 tiers to the Act Pass; the paid-for premium tier loaded with themed goodies and the free tier.

Each Valorant Act Pass usually offers these free rewards:

  • 3 player cards
  • 3 player titles
  • 3 gunbuddies (charms)
  • 2 sprays
  • 2 sets of 10 Radianite Points
  • 1 sidearm skin

By playing matches and earning XP during the seasonal chapter, you'll gain levels on your battle pass and unlock some free cosmetics! If that premium tier is speaking to you, though, consider downloading Buff to upgrade to premium for free!

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Method 2: Obtain Free Valorant Skins Through the Activation of Agent Contracts

Agent contracts are a system that Riot Games implemented to get you to unlock new agents for your roster and get free cosmetics along the way. Agent contracts have 10 levels to get through by accumulating XP from games, and it's split into two chapters. Hitting level 5 (completing chapter 1) will unlock your new agent, and completing chapter 2 at level 10 will get you a flashy new sidearm skin. Just remember, you can only have 1 active contract at a time!

Here's a breakdown of what you'll get per level:

Chapter 1

  • Level 1: Spray
  • Level 2: Player Card
  • Level 3: Player Title
  • Level 4: Spray
  • Level 5: Agent

Chapter 2

  • Level 6: Gunbuddy
  • Level 7: Spray
  • Level 8: Player Title
  • Level 9: Player Card
  • Level 10: Weapon Skin

We think it's pretty nice that Riot Games lets you keep your game free-to-play and earn cosmetic items without spending a cent. Though the items are a little less flashy, they're certainly worth the effort!

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