Valorant Premier: Everything You Need to Unleash Your Competitive Edge

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Updated July 6, 2023.

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Introducing Valorant Premier, the ultimate tournament experience for competitive Valorant gamers looking to upgrade their performance. This exclusive three-phase tournament that takes place every act—complete with restrictions like map and agent bans—is designed for dedicated players and teams of similar skill to compete for recognition and unique rewards and items like Valorant skins. Whether you've been perfecting your strategies in ranked play or dreaming of facing off against the best in your division, Valorant Premier may be the tournament for you.

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Valorant Premier Phases

1. Enrollment

Once you've got a team, the owner will have to pick a zone for your matches to take place in; and there are two things to keep in mind:

  1. Latency The zone corresponds with server regions so it's advised your team chooses a server with good latency.
  2. Schedule The zone also determines what your match schedule will be, so choose with your team's location and schedule in mind.

Once your team's zone is chosen by the team owner, you'll be sorted into a skill division based on the average MMR of all 5-7 of your teammates, and it'll be time to get ready for your matches.

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2. Weekly Matches

You can play up to 2 matches a week to earn Premier Score (PS) points for your team. If you lose your first game, don't worry about being knocked out straight away. The tournament is based on a point system, so if you win consecutive games after your first, you may still get enough PS points to enter the playoff tournament:

  • Winning a match = 100 points
  • Losing a match = 25 points
  • Not attending = 0 points

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3. Playoff Tournament

If your team has gathered enough PS points by the end of the weekly matches phase, you'll be entered into the playoff tournament, where you'll be put up against other teams in a traditional bracket system to see which team is the best in the division. The stakes are higher here, but so are the rules.

If you make it to the playoff tournament, you and your team can expect matches similar to pro matches that are streamed live to the world, including map bans, draft picks, a higher point system, and the chance of being kicked out of the tournament if you lose. If you lose during the semi-finals, a runner-up match is played for 3rd place.

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Valorant Premier Entry Criteria

  • SMS verification You'll need to confirm your identity (and the fact you're not a robot) with an SMS verification code.
  • Any ranked placement You need to have been placed in any rank at least once at any point in your Valorant career to be eligible.
  • A team You'll need to sign up as a team of 5-7. If you don't have a team that big, you can open your team to the public for others to join, or you can find an existing team to join.

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How to Prepare for Valorant Premier

There's a fair amount of time before the weekly matches phase of the tournament starts, so take advantage of that space to practice with your team in as many games as possible. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Communication is key Get into communication with the members of the squad, whether it's in-game or over Discord, and work on building a good team composition and solid synergy with your teammates.
  • Play to your strengths Diversifying between roles can open up weaknesses in your team's synergy, so figure out what everyone's strengths are and build on them.
  • Watch gameplay footage It's a great idea to watch game footage of your practice matches back as a team to identify your strong and weak points. Consider watching pro footage (or your competition, if you can get your hands on it) to pick up on any strategies that they might have.

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Get Ready for Valorant Premier

It's time to unleash your skills on the biggest stage of all ranks: the Valorant Premier Tournament. Get hyped for an adrenaline-pumping showdown against and with top-notch teams from across the globe. With a fair matchmaking system and a diverse player pool, grab your crew, sign up, and gear up for some mind-blowing battles that'll push your strategies, teamwork, and gaming prowess to the max.

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