Can You Get Valorant Points for Free? (Tips & Tricks)

Valorant points are usually paid for with hard-earned cash, but you can earn some sweet VPs in other ways. Learn how to get free VPs in this guide.

Remi Smith

 on November 9, 2022. 
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Joel Taylor

If you've ever played Valorant, you'll already know that you can use Valorant Points to purchase skins and cosmetics from the in-game store. You'll also probably be familiar with the fact you have to pay money for these precious points, making those skins seem even more precious, especially if you're purchasing one that can be upgraded with Radianite.

Some of the best skins cost quite a lot of VP, so we understand why anyone would hesitate before spending hard-earned cash for in-game cosmetics. However, there are other ways to get hold of these desirable credits.

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How to Get Free Valorant Points

Valorant Points are a primary source of revenue for RIOT Games' FPS title, so we do urge you to support them if you're a big fan of the game, but if you can't afford them right now or you feel bad about using your parents' credit card, here are a few official ways you can get your hands on Valorant Points for free.

Request a Task/Submit an Artwork to Riot Games

RIOT Games has created a nice way for creatives to show their talents by presenting the community with cool opportunities like doing tasks for VP. It turns out that you can submit unique artworks to RIOT Games through their support program, and if they like it, you'll be rewarded with VP straight to your account. Here's how it's done:

  1. Sign in and submit a request in the form of a support ticket over at
  2. Choose “general” as your request type
  3. Make a preposition, and ask RIOT to see if they're willing to take a submission
  4. Wait for an email from RIOT to see if they are willing to give you VP
  5. Draw something unique for your submission—it doesn't necessarily have to be great, it just needs to be different
  6. Send it to RIOT, and the VP should appear in your account in a few days

Join Exclusive Events & Giveaways

There are loads of content creators and influencers out there who do giveaways on their channels. Oftentimes, it's worth participating in these giveaways and paying attention to official feeds from RIOT on Twitter to increase your chances of winning some sweet rewards on the internet. There will be loads of other people attempting to claim those giveaways, so good luck!

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Sign Up With Buff to Earn Points While You Play

Buff is a free stat-tracking program that creates 3rd party challenges and passively rewards you for playing the games you're already playing with your friends. It's a quick and easy install and uses Overwolf to analyze your game statistics and how much you're earning at the end of each match. Buff is safe, but if you'd like to read more, see our article on the legitimacy of Buff.

As you rack up Buff Points by playing your games, you'll soon be able to claim a reward from the marketplace—like a RIOT Games gift card—which can be used to fill your account with some sweet VP that you didn't pay a cent for.

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There's Nothing Wrong With Free Rewards

With the cosmetic value of the skins in RIOT's FPS title, it makes sense why many people are willing to pay for VP. Although this does help support the devs, some people simply can't afford to spend real money on free games, and there's nothing wrong with getting some free cosmetics with one of the listed RIOT-approved methods.

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