Apex Legends: Legend Tokens & How to Get Them (Gameplay Only)

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Updated July 25, 2023.

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Legend Tokens are one of the four primary currencies in Apex Legends, alongside Crafting Metals, Apex Coins, and Heirloom Shards. These valuable tokens can be used in the game to unlock new Legends and exclusive items. This guide will go over everything you need to know about Legend Tokens, including how to get them and how to use them in Apex Legends.

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What Are Legend Tokens in Apex Legends?

Legend Tokens are unique in Apex Legends because they are the game's only completely free currency. Unlike other in-game currencies, they can't be acquired through loot crate drops or purchased in-game. You can't even buy Legend Tokens with Buff points like you can with Apex Coins. This makes them a valuable but limited resource for players. The only way to obtain Legend Tokens is through gameplay.

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You can find your current Legend Token balance on the top-right corner of the Apex Legends home screen, as shown below.

Screenshot of Apex Legends home screen

What Can Legend Tokens Be Used For?

This effort-earned currency is the key to unlocking more Legends to gain access to new abilities and styles of gameplay! It takes a total of 12,000 Legend Tokens to unlock a new Legend, which means you have to level up 20 times (600 Legend Tokens per level) before you have enough to spend on a new Legend for your team.

Next, you can unlock some cool re-colors for some legendary skins you may own. Just keep in mind that legendary recolors cycle out of the shop weekly, so you'll have to stay vigilant if you want a fancy new color for your legendary skin.

Finally, you can also spend Legend Tokens to reroll daily challenges (though we don't recommend it, the price isn't worth the reward).

Legend Token Price List

  • Unlock new Legend: 12,000 LT
  • Cosmetic re-color: 6,500 LT for a weapon skin and 8,500 for a Legend skin
  • 2nd daily reroll: 200 LT
  • 3rd daily reroll: 500 LT
  • 4th daily reroll onwards: 1,000 LT

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How to Get Legend Tokens in Apex Legends

Legend Tokens are, thankfully, quite easy to come by—you just need to play the game and level up by earning XP!

1. Leveling Up

There are loads of levels to be earned in Apex Legends. In Season 14, Respawn increased the maximum level cap from 500 to 2,000. That's 1,2 million Legend Tokens—or 100 new legends, five times the total Legends currently available! Even after you hit the maximum level, you'll continue to earn 600 Legend Tokens every time you earn a level's worth of XP.

If you're a new player to the game, the first 60 levels are thankfully a little easier to get through, letting you unlock your first 3 new Legends by the time you get there. The required amount of XP to level up incrementally increases per level, to a cap:

  • Level 1: 100XP
  • Level 10: 8,600XP
  • Level 20: 12,500XP
  • Level 30: 14,000XP
  • Level 40: 15,500XP
  • Level 50: 17,000XP
  • Level 60-500: 18,000XP

After you hit level 500, you advance into the next tier, where your level resets back to 1. At tiers 2-4, the experience needed to level up is a little different:

  • Level 1-100: 18,000XP
  • Level 101-200: 20,000XP
  • Level 201-300: 23,000XP
  • Level 301-400: 28,000XP
  • Level 401-500: 36,000XP

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2. Accumulating XP

Earning experience during a game is based on many different things you can do during a match. We've made a list to help break down how XP is calculated during a match, so you know what to focus on if you want to level up at the fastest rate:

  • Winning a match: 900XP
  • Top 5 finish: 300XP
  • Time survived: 3XP per second survived
  • First kill of the day: 500XP
  • Kills: 50XP per kill
  • Damage done: 0.25XP per 1 damage point
  • Is kill leader: 50XP if you become the kill leader at any point in a match
  • Killed champion: 500XP per kill of the champion squad
  • Is champion: 500XP going into a match as the champion squad
  • Revive ally: 25XP
  • Respawn ally: 200XP
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3. Playing With Friends

Teaming up with your friends in Apex Legends has more benefits than just being able to work together and communicate better. Having friends in your squad gives you extra XP! Having just 1 friend in your squad adds a +5% XP bonus to your time survived, while 2 friends gives you +10% XP to that bonus.

4. Progressing Through Seasonal Battle Passes

The seasonal Battle Pass definitely has some juicy items, but as you level up through the premium tier of the pass, you'll also unlock stackable XP boosts that add a 10% bonus to the top 5 and win XP for you and your party members. These boosts also stack up with everyone in your party, amounting to a potential 300% boost for the rest of the season!

Better Get Playing!

Legend Tokens are the key to growing your Legends roster, and gaining levels are the key to earning more Legend Tokens, so by playing loads of matches and surviving for as long as you can, you'll be adding new Legends to your team in no time. Just start, as every minute helps.

Additionally, don't be afraid to spend some Legend Tokens on your favorite recolor either—they're only around for limited times, and you'll eventually earn the tokens back.

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