Valorant’s Haven: Best Agents, Callouts, and Tips

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Updated July 17, 2023.

A gamer playing on Valorant's Haven map

Haven is one of the original maps of Valorant, being a part of its release at launch. While every map has something that makes it special, Haven is currently the only map in the game that has three sites.

Haven Map Overview

Haven map overview

The map has Attackers and Defenders spawn at opposite ends, with B Site situated between A Site and C Site. While this map is an Attacker-favored map, the map layout has long lines of sight that allow Defenders enough time to rotate if they spot a committed rush.

Because each site also has two main points of entry, it is a fair map that is not overwhelming to the Defender side, even with agents being spread out across three sites.

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Attacking A Site on Haven


The important callouts to keep in mind for A Site are:

  • Heaven if you are pushing through A Long
  • A Short or Box if you are going through A Sewer

There will often be a Defender perched in Heaven because of its strong lines of sight, and going through A Sewer turns any fights into close-quarters ones. This is why it's important to be able to quickly call out enemies for your teammates to trade.


Post-plant, you want to quickly take control of A Link and Defender Spawn, as many Defender rotations will come from these entrances. Also, be careful of any longer rotations on A Sewer or A Long.


A solid strategy is to smoke Heaven, given how it's such a strong vantage point for the Defender side. It is really effective to split the push between A Sewer and A Long, and stagger your attack on A Site to direct the enemies' attention to a single area.

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Defending A Site on Haven


It is often beneficial to have someone go A Long early so that they can peek into A Lobby. You'll be able to see if the Attacking team is committing to rushing A and maybe even snag a quick frag. A Sewer is also an important point of contention, as you want to mix up your position to keep the enemy guessing.


You want to prevent any approaches from A Long by holding strong lines of sight. As for A Sewer, you don't want to take too committed of an angle because, while you will often get the kill, you don't want to get traded by an enemy teammate so quickly (since your team is split across three sites). That would allow for easy planting and defending from the enemy team.


Mix it up! There are a bunch of nooks and crannies that can allow you to get the jump on the enemy team. If you can get an early pick, that makes it all the easier for you to hold the site with less manpower.

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Attacking B Site on Haven


Double Doors and C Window are going to be important callouts. While there is typically going to be a Defender situated somewhere in B Site looking into B Window, the Mid Doors area is where a lot of the unpredictable QCB happens. It is important to be able to call out the areas in and around Garage in order to open the way to B Site through C Link, as well.


While you want to take control of B Site, it is important to keep in mind that the enemy can rotate from both sides. Even though you can often get lucky with a quick rush through Mid Courtyard, maintaining control post-plant will be difficult without taking control of C Link.


Getting a good smoke on Mid Courtyard is nice to keep the enemies' information limited. Just keep in mind that agents can get up onto the structure in the middle of B Site to see B Window above the smoke. Try to pincer B Site and C Link to have an easier time planting and defending the site post-plant.

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Defending B Site on Haven


B Window and Double Doors are going to be common callouts while defending B Site. Enemies will often pop through B Window, which gives you a bit of an advantage as a Defender, since there is only one predictable way for Attackers to get into B Window. There will also be encounters at Double Doors, as this is an entry to both B Site and C Site.


You want to have strong control over Garage and possibly even Mid Doors. Try to get early info, as you will need to be ready to rotate quickly if the enemy team decides to hit A Site or C Site.


Slow down the enemy teams' approach as much as you can. Having your Operator or other long-range weapon is very effective when it comes to stuffing any enemy approaches through B Window. Sometimes, a smoke in Mid Doors paired with popping through Double Doors to get the jump on the enemy team can lead to some easy picks.

Attacking C Site on Haven


C Backsite, Metal, and C Window will be the main callouts. Approaching C Site through C Long has really long lines of sight, meaning that it's important to call out where the enemy is posted. Approaching Garage for attacking C Site is very similar to approaching B Site.


You want to take control of C Site quickly. By doing so, there are plenty of solid spots to hold post-plant with strong lines of sight on C Link and Garage.


A 5-person rush on C Site down C Long can be very effective, as there will often be just one enemy watching C Long. If you are coordinated with the rest of your team, you can end up with 4-5 agents remaining on your team to watch two points of entry post-plant.

Defending C Site on Haven


C Long and Garage are going to be the main callouts. You want to make sure you get info on whether or not the enemy team is rushing in order to give your team enough time to rotate.


You want to make rushing C Site as hard and long as possible. Smokes, darts, and any other abilities at your disposal can halt a full 5-man team from rushing through C Long.


Mix up your starting spot at the beginning of the round for the agent looking down C Long. Your goal should be to not die and to slow down the enemy team if they push.

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The Best Agents for Haven

Although the right answer is always "the one you're good at playing," there are some agents that generally perform better than others on this map. Here are 5 to consider:

1. Jett

A favorite agent for many, her wide toolset and dash make her great on Haven. Her smokes can make attacking sites a lot safer, even with their short duration. And her dash is a get-out-of-jail-free card that lets her get picks across the long lines of sight across the map without getting traded.

2. Killjoy

With 5 agents being distributed across three sites on defense, Killjoy's bots give your team stronger coverage over the map and help you make up for the lack of manpower.

3. Cypher

Like Killjoy, Cypher is a sentinel that gives you better coverage and information across the map, which is super important on defense. His trip wires and camera allow Cypher to essentially hold down two sites at once and give the rest of the team time to rotate as needed.

4. Omen

With strong smokes and teleports, he changes the rules of this map regarding what to expect from enemy positioning. Aside from being able to cheese enemies by teleporting to the other side of B Window, his blind, smokes, and global ultimate give him an arsenal of tools against a thinly distributed enemy team.

5. Sova

A recon specialist, Sova's ability set allows him to get a lot of control over the map from both attacking and defending sides. He can make approaches into and through the close-quarter areas of the map a lot safer for your team—and a lot more dangerous for the enemy's team.

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Unlock Haven's Secrets With Our Pro Tips

While Haven has been around for a long time, there is still a ton left to be mastered. Understanding not just the three sites of the map, but also the overall dynamic of the map and how your agents can perform on it are key to finding success here.

At the end of the day, practice makes perfect, but we hope that our tips will help you reach that perfection more easily. And while doing so, don't forget to download Buff so you can earn some free rewards while playing!

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