Is It Possible to Refund Your Apex Coins?

Find yourself regretting a purchase or an unlock in Apex? Maybe you accidently bought a coin pack twice? Find out how refunds work in Apex Legends, here.

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Updated March 3, 2023.

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We've all bought something that we've regretted a few days later—a skin for that character you no longer play as, or a game that went on special just after you paid full price. Apex also has some sweet deals you can get your hands on for real money, but if you've purchased coins or a bundle accidentally and want to get your money back, read on!

If you've purchased an item or skin within the game using Apex Coins, Legend Tokens, or Heirloom Shards, then sadly, Respawn isn't able to refund you for the in-game purchase. If, however, you've accidentally spent real money on Apex Coins, then it may just be possible—with a bit of effort—to get a refund for that purchase.

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Apex Coin Refund Eligibility Requirements

For extra clarity, we contacted EA Support and asked them if it was possible to refund your Apex Coins that were accidentally bought, and this is what they said:

Yes, if the player purchases coins accidentally, and hasn't spent them, EA support can help the player for Origin only. For other platforms, you'd need to contact the specific platforms' support and they will help you with the refund process.

So, if you haven't spent those coins you bought accidentally, the only way to get a refund is to go to the support page of the platform you bought the coins on:

Unfortunately, you can't refund the coins you got for free. However, with a bit of effort, you should be able to refund the coins you purchased with real money, and then you could try topping up your apex coins for free with Buff!

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