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RewardsTop 5 Easiest Ways to Earn New CS:GO SkinsCounter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) remains one of the most popular competitive multiplayer video games in the world, with 1.13 million active players as of November 2022. The addicting gameplay that's highly adaptable to both short and long game sessions keeps gamers engaged. Moreover, all the numerous collectible weapon skins allow players to define and establish their presence. The cost of these skins ranges from the inexpensive Desert Eagle Oxide Blaze that can be found for under $1.00: To the much costlier and highly desirable Karambit Case Hardened (Blue Gem), going for up to $1.5 million or more: But can it be done without spending millions or even hundreds? Thankfully, yes! We've explored the top 5 easiest ways to earn new CS:GO skins, so here's what you should know: » Have Dota skins but want the CS:GO ones instead? Learn how you can trade your Dota skins for the CS:GO ones 1. The Game Itself Let's start with getting skins purely through gameplay. This can be done by playing CS:GO regularly and leveling up your character. It can also be done by playing competitively on either official servers or community servers that have Valve Anti-Cheat software enabled. While you won't be earning the most expensive skins this way, you can definitely land yourself a few $1 options every week. They can then be traded up for the more expensive options. To clarify further, CS:GO has a trade-up contract, which is an option where, if you collect 10 skins of the same tier (level), you get a one-tier-higher gun skin. This one skin can be of any durability or from any collection of skins. Furthermore, certain combinations of skins you put up for a trade can land you an almost guaranteed good skin. » Want to make money from your gaming skills? Learn about monetizing your CS:GO skills 2. Operation Pass In addition to playing many CS:GO matches, you can accelerate your skin collection by signing up for the optional Operation pass. The way it works is that it gives you weekly missions, and by completing them, you get XP and "stars." You can exchange those stars in the Operation store for new agents, stickers, or weapon cases that contain skins. The prices of the passes range from around $8 to around $480, but they all come with prizes that will often be worth much more than the initial investment. » Learn all there is to know about trading and selling CS:GO skins 3. Gambling Websites The 3rd way to expand your CS:GO skin collection is by utilizing the benefits offered by the top CS:GO gambling websites, like CSGO Empire and Farmskins. What's great about them is that you don't actually have to invest anything to get skins. You usually get free bonuses just by joining, and you can use those bonuses to gable or bet for free. Most of them also offer referral bonuses, so you can get rewards by inviting your friends too. Once you get a satisfactory amount of coins, you can withdraw them and use them to get yourself some CS:GO skins. Additionally, most gambling websites organize giveaways on their social media, so it's also a good idea to follow them and keep an eye out for the announcements. 4. Paid Surveys One of the simplest ways to get CS:GO skins involves filling out short paid surveys and completing easy tasks to get skins as rewards. Some great websites for this are Idle Empire, GrabPoints, and BigCash. What you need to do is sign up via your Steam account, and you can start earning points. As mentioned, you can do so by completing surveys, but you can also choose to watch short videos instead, or you can download mini-games to test them out and provide feedback. If you do such tasks weekly, you'll have a constant flow of currency for purchasing new skins without spending any real money. » Master your movement by learning about surfing in CS:GO 5. Rewards Programs The final way to get CS:GO skins is through rewards programs. Applications like Buff offer CS:GO players rewards through a loyalty program, and all you need to do is play the game regularly. Once you download Buff and install it, you can let it work in the background as you play. It rewards you for your performance; it tracks your KDA ratio, kills, headshots, wins, and similar. Then, it lets you exchange the Buff points you got as a reward for CS:GO skins and more. In other words, it doesn't affect your game performance, and it can benefit you in more ways than one. » Get started with Buff Can Getting Skins for CS:GO Be Easy? Getting skins in CS:GO is easy if you follow these tips, and though some of them might require a small initial investment, the prize would still be worth more. It's a great way to supplement what you already love about playing CS:GO and be rewarded for your effort.
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RewardsValorant's Best Kept Secrets: How to Get Free RewardsAre you tired of drooling over expensive skins and cosmetics in Valorant's store, only to be deterred by their hefty price tags? Well, you'll be happy to know we have found some hidden gems that can help you attain some of those coveted cosmetics for absolutely free. It's time to level up your swag game without breaking the bank, and here's how. 1. Gun Skins There are 2 easy ways to add some bling to your loadout for free: 1. Agent Contracts Every agent in Valorant has a contract with 10 levels to get through. Upon finishing the last level, you'll get a gun skin themed around your chosen agent. It'll always be a pistol skin, but some of them look even better than the ones you would purchase from the store. Plus, you'll see them more often in-game, especially if you aim to unlock a skin for the classic pistol. Each contract is broken up into 2 chapters: At the end of the first chapter, you'll unlock the agent to whom the contract belongs. At the end of the second chapter, you'll get the skin for that agent's secondary weapon. Here are a few more examples: AGENT CONTRACT WEAPON Astra Eclipse GhostSova Protektor SherrifNeon Live Wire Frenzy Fade Karabasan Shorty Raze Pistolinha Classic 2. Twitch Prime If you've never claimed the free trial to the service, you can take the full benefit of waiting till a cool Valorant skin becomes available to Twitch Prime users. Then, you can sign up for free, claim the skin (hopefully something really awesome like Wayfinder Shorty) and then end your subscription before the trial is over. You only get 1 shot at this for free—you'll probably be looking at a $15 per month price tag afterward. However, if you're a gamer who plays many different games that Twitch prime supports, signing up may not be such a bad idea. After all, you'll be getting way more than just free Valorant skins. 2. Knife Skins There is a way to get your hands on pretty much any knife skin for free. However, the catch is that you have to put some effort into earning gift cards. Sites like Swagbucks allow anyone to do surveys or small tasks for gift cards and cash payouts into your PayPal or bank account. You'll get some good deals and some that are quite laborious, but if you've got some spare time, you'll be swiftly on your way to your next knife or gun skin! 3. Titles Much like the weapon skins you can receive by completing some Agent Contracts, players have a variety of ways to earn free titles. Here are 2 methods that may be the easiest: 1. Agent Contracts One of the main ways to earn titles in Valorant is through the same Agent Contracts. As mentioned before, each agent in the game has their own contract, which players can progress through by playing games and completing various challenges. As players progress through the 10 levels of each contract, they earn rewards such as titles, sprays, gun buddies, pistol skins, and, of course, the agent to whom the contract belongs. » Not sure which agent to play? Check out the best Valorant agents for ranked games 2. In-Game Events Another way to earn titles in Valorant is through in-game events. Valorant is known for hosting exciting events that require players to complete unique challenges and offer exclusive rewards. These events often have themes and limited-time game modes, which make them even more exciting. By completing event challenges, players can earn a variety of rewards, including titles that are specific to the event. An example of a past event that has offered titles and other rewards include the Year One event, which celebrated Valorant's one-year anniversary and featured exclusive challenges and rewards. 4. Sprays The above-listed methods for titles can often reward you with sprays as well. Aside from Agent Contracts and events, you can also get sprays via live broadcasts. Watching live gameplay of Valorant events and tournaments on Twitch is not only a great way to stay up to date on the latest competitive gameplay, but it can also be a way to earn free cosmetics for your account. To earn these free cosmetics, you'll need to link your Twitch account to your Valorant account. Once your accounts are linked, you can then tune into selected Twitch streams that have drops enabled. Drops are basically in-game rewards that are given to players who watch specific streams for a certain amount of time. You can find out which streams and broadcasts are drop-enabled on Valorant's official website, or you can look for the announcements on Valorant's Twitch page. The specific cosmetics available will vary depending on the event or tournament, so be sure to check the announcement for details. » Interested in tournaments? Read more about the most exciting Valorant tournaments in 2023 5. In-Game Currency In-game currency, naturally, allows you to buy various in-game items and cosmetics. However, getting that currency can sometimes be tricky. So, here are 2 methods that may help you get some extra Valorant points: 1. Use Buff Buff makes getting your next free Riot Games VP gift card really easy. All you have to do to earn points is play your games! There are weekly and daily challenges that can earn you extra points, too. Still, keep in mind that it may take a little while before you can trade your points and claim your first reward for free. » Learn more about how Buff works and how to redeem your Buff points 2. Submit Artwork If you've got any skill in making a creative piece—even if it's an ugly 'Sanic' drawing of a Valorant character—you can submit it as fan art. They'll reward you with a gift card of up to 50 VP, which you can save to get your next skin. Keep in mind that you can generally only get rewarded once per account, though some players claim to have been rewarded more than once. So, it's worth a shot, but it's best used when you need just a bit more VPs to reach your goal. 3. Battle Pass Radianite If you've got the time to grind through the Valorant Battle Pass, you'll be getting small amounts of Radianite Points for free from each pass over time. Purchasing the Battle Pass will give you more Radianite Points, but it won't earn you a single Valorant Point, sadly. » Learn the difference between Radianite Points and Valorant Points Spice up Your Games With These Extra Rewards So there you have it—with a little extra effort, you can get your hands on some of the coolest skins without breaking the bank. Whether you're grinding away, using your Twitch Prime subscription, or participating in events and promotions, there are plenty of ways to collect skins for free. Start leveling up with Buff running in the background, start earning, and your next prized possession could be just a few clicks away!
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RewardsWhat to Know About Trading & Selling in the CS:GO Skin ExchangeWe've personally met players who've bought entire new high-end gaming PCs for themselves just off of trading and selling skins from CS:GO. If you've got some fancy skins on your account that you want to trade or sell for a bit of cash, or just want to start getting in on the exchange, we're here to help! Keep reading to find out how to do this and make some real money. Difference Between Trading & Selling CS:GO Skins Whether you're looking to upgrade your in-game gear with some new skins, or you're looking to make a profit on the CS:GO exchange, you'll either have to sell or trade your skins. But what is the difference between those two options, and what are the benefits of both? Selling Skins Skins change in value over time. As more skins come out and others become less available, collectors and sellers will affect the general marketplace value for specific items. Having a skin from 4 years ago might be more valuable now than it ever was, so keeping and "investing" in skins, then selling them at another time can earn you some profit. You might also just have unwanted skins you're willing to sell. Either way, you can sell your skins on places like the Steam Marketplace (which is the safest) or third-party platforms. Trading Skins Trading skins is a much more delicate way of making money, but it's also a much faster way to make a profit. Trading involves gaining knowledge of market trends and niches, knowing what collectors are looking for, and joining active trading communities. Finding the best way to trade usually involves rinse-and-repeat methods, such as finding discounted items and reselling them for a profit to collectors or for a more valuable item that you can sell to another collector. Trading requires a lot more effort than just selling skins, but it's a great way to socialize in lobbies and become part of some great communities. How to Identify a Reliable CS:GO Exchange Site You've probably heard of as many dodgy CS:GO skin exchange sites as we have, so we've narrowed down some ways you can find the legitimate ones. Browse the Site Common sense is a powerful tool. Keep an eye out for things that seem illegitimate such as deals that are too good to be true or outdated information. Check how long the site has been around and keep an eye out for poor spelling and grammar. If you get a bad gut feeling about the site, you should probably avoid it. Check Online Reviews Loads of people ask whether a site is legit or not, and many websites research this to provide an answer. Browse online and see if people have had good or bad experiences with certain trading sites. Review Online Forums & Reddit Threads Reddit is a surprisingly great place to ask and find questions about whether a site is safe for trading. Don't be afraid to ask! Read the Terms & Conditions The terms and conditions of a site can be a dead giveaway for potentially fraudulent activity. It will be a drag, but reading the T's and C's will help put your mind at ease. How to Sell CS:GO Skins So you've got some valuable skins you want to sell, but you want cash instead of filling your Steam wallet by selling on the Steam marketplace. Here are two great ways to go about selling your skins for real cash: However, before selling with either method, you'll need to find your trade URL on Steam. To do so, simply follow these steps: Go to your Steam inventoryClick on "Trade Offers"Click on "Who can send me Trade Offers" Find your Trade URL under "Third-Party Sites" Now that you know what your trade URL is, proceed with either of the two following methods: 1. Sell Via an Auction Service Selling your skins through an auction site works a lot like eBay or Amazon, you'd have to sign up as a seller on the site, then put your item up for sale for an asking price of whatever you set. Buyers who are interested will ask to buy or start bidding for your item, and once the bidding window closes, you'll get a trade request, then get paid for your item. The upside to auctioning is that you often get paid what you set your price as, the downside is you have to wait for someone to take an interest, which can be a while. If you're ready to auction your skins, getting started is super easy with these steps: Sign in to your chosen safe auction site Thankfully, most of them let you sign in with Steam, which makes finding your inventory a bit easier.Input your trade URL onto the sitePut your item up for auction Each site will have a suggested price listing based on the average price of that skin. It's best to find prices at lots of different sources to make sure you get the best deal. And that's that! After someone takes interest in the trade, or you get the highest bid, you'll also receive a trade request on Steam. Simply accept it on both platforms, and you'll get paid. 2. Sell Via a Bot-Powered Platform Bot-powered platforms are usually much faster when it comes to making sales but are generally less profitable. When a site lets you sell an item instantly, it's usually bot-powered. In this case, a price is given to you by a bot, and you can choose to either sell it for that amount or wait until that price changes. The bots will then use your items in their marketplace to make trade profits. Getting set up is just as easy as the auction sites: Sign in to your chosen safe auction siteEnter your trade URLLet the bot check your inventory for pricesPick what you want to sellGet paid straight to your chosen bank! » Want free rewards just for playing CS:GO? Download Buff now and get started How to Trade CS:GO Skins on Steam Ah, the good ol' classic way of trading, similar to how Dota skins are traded on Steam. It's the easiest and safest way without having to ever leave Steam and sign-up to any 3rd-party platforms, making it the preferred method for thousands of players. Here's how it's done: Authenticate your account You'll need to have 2-factor authentication with Steam Guard enabled for more than 15 days to be able to trade. Open your friends list Find it under your profile tab in Steam, or "View" > "Friends list."View the profile of the person you wish to trade with Make sure you know this person is credible.Select "More" Hit the dropdown menu on the top-right of their profile, and select "offer a trade."Choose what you'd like to trade In the new window, set your inventory to show CS:GO items.Drag your trade items from both inventories into the trade boxes Pick which items you'd like to trade for in their inventory, and which ones you'd like to trade them for from yours.Confirm the trade contents and make an offer Remember to type a description in before you hit send, so they know why you're trading. » Have extra Dota skins? Learn how to trade them for CS:GO skins. Get to Trading Whether you've got a collection of skins you'd like to sell for some cash, or you'd like to start trading up your inventory to fancy start-track knives and cool gloves, it's all possible with a little time and effort. Just remember that there are loads of malicious people out there, so trade safely!
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RewardsLeague of Legends eSports Stream Drops: How to Earn RewardsIf you've spent any time playing a free-to-play game like League of Legends, you'll already know that people love to personalize their characters and accounts to suit them better and to show off to friends. In most cases, getting skins and cosmetics costs real money, but now there's a way for anyone to get awesome exclusive cosmetics for free: stream drops. Read on to learn how to do this in the simplest way possible. League of Legend Drops Explained Stream drops are usually cosmetic items like in-game skins that can only be redeemed by watching official streams that are "drop-enabled". The concept is pretty simple: hop into an official drop-enabled live stream, watch enough of the stream, and you'll get an opportunity to get an item drop for your game. It's a great way for game devs to promote their content while rewarding their viewers. Usually, streams that are drop-enabled are promoting new game content, events, or popular streamers. League of Legends drops usually happen during major tournaments, like Worlds 2022. How League of Legends Drops Occur When you're logged into (RIOT's dedicated streaming platform for LoL), much like other streaming platforms, there's a random chance for you to earn a drop while watching live matches, but you'll also earn drops at key moments of live tournaments. According to RIOTs FAQ page: You'll always get a drop after a pentakillYou may get a drop on every triple kill or quadrakillsOpening and closing ceremonies sometimes feature drops for everyoneThere's a high chance for RIOT to hand out drops at the first game of each stage (Play-ins, Group Stage, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Finals) What to Expect Out of a League of Legends Drop Your stream drop will include a random drop card of different rarities (Epic, Legendary, Mythic, or Ultimate), what you earned, and how to receive it. There are many different potential rewards that change over time, depending on the rarity of the card, including: Skin ShardsSkin CodesWard SkinsTacticiansChromasPrestige PointsIconsHextech chests and keysClash TicketsMerch During special events and major tournaments, you'll also have a chance to earn limited-time Reward Capsules that contain exclusive rewards for that event. For example, the 2022 Worlds Rewards Capsule contained one of the following: One of the Worlds-exclusive icons or emotes for 2022 (excluding team logos)One 2022 Esports CapsuleOne Hextech chest & key RIOT was nice enough to let anyone disenchant any duplicates you might have into orange essence, which can be used for unlocking skins in your hextech crafting! » Learn more about League of Legends How to Earn League of Legends Drops 1. Sign Into With Your Riot Games Account Head over to the site and hit the rewards tab, then just hit the "login & start earning" button and sign into the account you'd like to receive your rewards on - the one you play your League of Legends on. 2. Enable Drops and Rewards Once you've signed in, if you're seeing your account name on the rewards page of the site with some stats and an option to opt-out of rewards, then you're already ready to start earning some sweet loot. If not, you're probably seeing the reward page with a button that says "Start Earning." Click it to enable drops, then you're ready to hop into a stream! » Discover 7 of the best free esports to play to make money 3. Watch Designated Riot Games Live Streams You'll have to be watching a live stream for at least 5 minutes to be eligible for drops each time—and yes, they have to be live. Sadly, you won't be earning any rewards by watching previous streams (or VODs.) Keep in mind that you'll only be getting the drops mentioned in this post on RIOT Games' While Twitch does involve drops, there's no guarantee that you'll be getting drops for LoL. It's a good idea for you to do research before visiting a 3rd-party site that promises drops, as some of these sites are malicious. » Want to earn free rewards for playing LoL? Learn about how Buff works and download it today What to Do if You See a Drop While Streaming LoL So, by now, you might be signed in with drops enabled, and you're watching a live stream tournament waiting in suspense for your first juicy drop card. Here's what to expect and what to do when it arrives: Click on the Notification That Appears on the Screen On the right-hand side of the stream, a notification should pop up telling you you've received a drop. You'll be able to interact with it to receive your drop card! Review the Instructions on How to Get Your Rewards Depending on the type and rarity of the reward, your drop card will tell you how to activate your reward—or, in the case of merch, how to get RIOT to ship you your reward. In most cases, though, your reward will automatically get sent straight to your in-game collection within 24 hours. Visit the "Drops" Tab on Check out all your drops and a recap of how to activate them by visiting the rewards tab of the site. And just in case you're worried about missing the notification for your drop card, RIOT automatically sends all your drops to your rewards page, so make sure to check it out! » Confused about how to use your Buff Points? Read our guide Conclusion Getting sweet skins ad cosmetic items for free is always great, and RIOT have made it really easy to claim them in exchange for watching some live content, so even if you come for the skins, there's a good chance to leave with an experience. Maybe you'll learn something new about the game, or find a new favorite team to support—either way, it sounds like a win-win to me! » Looking for other great esports titles? Take a look at the esports games with the highest prize pools
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RewardsHow to Earn Cash Competing in Fortnite Tournaments: Entry Criteria & FeesFortnite Season 5 is just around the corner, and with it comes the 5th FNCS, where EPIC has allocated a jaw-dropping $20 million to the competition. The huge prize money this year also comes with even more competition as the championship is now officially cross-platform, meaning everyone on PC, mobile, and consoles will be competing for the same prize. And if competing in tournaments isn't your thing, there are other ways to make money by playing Fortnite. » Like earning by playing? Download Buff and earn vBucks through gameplay Important Considerations for Participants There are many Fortnite tournaments for money with a lot of competition, so it's important to be prepared with the setup that suits you best for the competitive shooter. Familiarize yourself with the gun meta for the season, and get comfortable using and abusing the strats that pro players have discovered and shared. Since the tournament is cross-platform, it's also important to find which platform works best for you. Each platform has its benefits—PC players have the option of extremely high framerates and the highest mobility potential, while console and mobile players have powerful aim-assist. Here are some helpful tips for each platform: Console: The latest consoles like the PS5 and Xbox series X have the potential to play at really high frame rates. Using a 144hz monitor and plugging in your controllers can dramatically boost how fast you can react to situations in-game.Mobile: Mobile devices can connect to Bluetooth controllers, computer mice, and keyboards. Take advantage of whatever input you're comfortable with and make it your main input. PC: Turning down your graphic settings can boost overall performance in Fortnite. Couple that with a high-res monitor with a very high refresh rate and you've got the smoothest potential for the game. Entry Requirements Certain tournaments have entry fees. Major official tournaments hosted by EPIC seem to be free to enter.Some tournaments require you to have a partner for Duos matches or a full squad for the team tournaments.You must be 13 years of age or olderYou'll have to have a tax certificate for legal reasons when accepting prize money.You must be on good terms with epic- no game violations.Your account must be at least level 15You must have 2-factor authentication tied to your account » Check out the 9 esports games with the biggest prize pools 5 Pro Tips for Major Earnings 1. Understand & Follow the META META stands for the most effective tactic available. This is always changing depending on updates and patches to the game. It's important to keep up with the building strategies, the best loot spots, and the best guns and equipment to use for every season. When a season launches, get into arenas and normal BR and get up to speed with the new changes. Try out the new guns and find out what works best for you, and keep an eye out for what other people are using to beat you. » Need a refresher? All the Fortnite game modes explained 2. Find a Partner It's been announced that FNCS and related major tournaments are going to be Duos for the rest of 2022, but whether you're in duos or trios in a competitive tourney, you should be practicing with a set team or partner from early on, instead of consistently switching up the team you're playing alongside. It's important to develop a dynamic with your team, to understand how they play, and to find a solid way to communicate with one another effectively. 3. Create a Schedule Schedule times for you and your partner to practice—this way, you can make sure you get the practice you need for the tournament. It's important that during this time you're jumping into games with 100% effort, and really use the time to improve your mechanics, reactions, and placement. 4. Find Your Main Drop-Spot In the Fortnite BR map, there are good as well as bad places to land. Find the place that works for you and your team and land there. Consistently. Forever. Well, maybe not forever. Have a backup landing spot that you are extremely comfortable with, in case your planned drop-spot ends up being a hot spot during a competitive match. But otherwise, you should totally be spending each game landing in one POI and mastering that area's peaks and covers. 5. Watch Your Previous Matches It's a great idea to record and watch your matches or to navigate to your replays and watch them. This may seem like an underwhelming tip, but it's a tactic most pros do to improve their gameplay at a phenomenally faster rate than most other players. Remember: you're watching your VODs so that you can pick up your mistakes from a spectator's eye. Formulate a way to get around those mistakes and apply that formula to your game, practicing to drill the new tactic into your muscle memory. Feeling Ready to Enter a Fortnite Tournament And Take Them On? Qualifiers for the FNCS kick off in early February 2023, so it's time to get the team together, practice, and prepare as much as you can. Apply maximum effort, stay cool, and focus on improvement, and you'll be ready to compete in official Fortnite championships in no time. » Get rewards while playing, even if you don't win—download Buff
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Rewards5 Pro Tips For Making Money With FortniteFortnite had more than 25 million daily players during 2021, and some of those players make full livings entirely off of playing Fortnite. Today, there are up to 4 million people that are playing at any given time on servers around the world, so it's fair to say the game is super popular. With all of its popularity, Fortnite has loads of opportunities for players to earn money by getting involved in the game, so it might just be the right time to pick up an extra income if you think you've got what it takes. With that said, here are 5 ways that Fortnite players can make money off of one of the world's most-played games. Tip 1: Compete in eSports Tournaments Fortnite's been out for over five years now, so there's no shortage of players who feel like they dominate the opposition and have really come to master the mechanics that the game has to offer. If this sounds like you, maybe participating in eSports tournaments might be a great way to make that raw skill work for you and turn it into some sweet income. Not fond of being part of a team? Well, there are also solo-division tournaments for players who don't need a team to prove they're the best. Either way, the prize pools for many of these big tournaments are huge, and some players have already earned millions of dollars from Fortnite eSports competitions alone. You can typically get started by approaching professional teams or grabbing your own buddies and heading over to the Epic games' official Fortnite Competitive page, where anyone can sign up to compete in upcoming tournaments. » Skilled in other games as well? Take a look at the games with the highest eSports prize pools Tip 2: Livestream Your Gameplay Streaming has become a massive source of entertainment around the world. For some, it's been lucrative enough to bring fame and fortune. The benefit of streaming your gameplay online is that you don't necessarily have to be good at the game you're playing—you just have to be entertaining. As long as you find an audience who likes you on your preferred streaming platform (Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming, etc.) you'll be far more likely to earn a consistent flow of income from fan donations, subs to your channel, ad revenue, and potentially even sponsorships. The hard part is finding a unique way to present your content and gameplay that makes people stick around to watch you, instead of going over to the next guy streaming the same game. Tip 3: Consider Fortnite Coaching Strategy can be just as important as skill, and sometimes playing smart can let you cheese opponents who've spent hours perfecting their game. If you're that gamer who looks at all the details, patch notes, and updates and comes up with crazy strats to get an advantage over your opponents, then maybe coaching other players is for you. Getting started with coaching doesn't take much effort. Places like Fiverr make freelance opportunities pretty easy to come by and allow you to charge your own rates per hour or session. With eSports becoming more normalized, many high schools and universities adopt eSports titles and compete against each other, so coaches are becoming more and more relevant in the gaming world. Tip 4: Qualify for the Epic Games Support-a-Creator Program This one's for the creators. If you've got talent in capturing moments or creating content for your favorite Epic games, you could consider working towards qualifying for Epic's Support-a-Creator program. Epic Games believes strongly in the support from communities built on content creation, so the program rewards creators whenever their followers make purchases in-game. Epic Games' affiliate page explains how the whole process works. There are a few pre-requisites you'll need in order to be eligible for the program: You've got a following of 1000+ on your social media platform (YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and VK)You create content for Fortnite, Rocket League, or other EPIC game titlesYou are 18 years of age or older—there's also an under-18 application that requires supervisionYou must have a Hyperwallet account so that Epic can pay you Tip 5: Get into eSports Betting Here's a method that doesn't even require you to be good at Fortnite or charismatic enough to stream or produce content—all you need is some wisdom, a dash of luck, and to be at least 18 years old (depending on where you're from). eSports betting goes back further than you might expect, back in the arcade age starting with Asteroids and Invaders in the 70s. Betting, along with other types of gambling, is addictive and should only be done if you know what you're doing. You should make sure you are of legal gambling age in your jurisdiction, and that you are financially sound before making the decision to place a bet on any online sports matches. Conclusion Whether you're an absolute pro at Fortnite, or you've never touched the game yourself, there are ways you can make the popularity of this world-famous game work for you. Aside from actual money, there are many ways you can earn rewards from playing Fortnite, such as installing Buff. » Learn the ins and outs of Buff: how Buff works and how to earn Buff points
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RewardsHow to Deck Out Your Rocket League Car With Free Twitch Fan RewardsIt's no wonder that Rocket League is one of the top eSports games with the biggest prize pools. Watching the pros play is like watching the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, it's absolutely breathtaking. The precision and reflexes that the pros have come from thousands of hours of training. It's worth watching to learn how you can improve your own mechanics, gameplay, and teamwork. However, it turns out that watching the pros do their thing on Twitch can also earn you Fan Rewards so you can deck out your cars with some flashy new cosmetics! Read on to learn how. » Looking to get more free rewards for Rocket League? Try out Buff Rocket League Fan Rewards Explained Getting free cosmetics for watching RLCS games and other great Rocket League broadcasts on Twitch sounds like a pretty sweet deal, especially since the cosmetics are actually cool—like the "SPLASH" goal explosion! All you need to do is go to Rocket League's website, link your game and your Twitch account, and tune into the next Rocket League Broadcast on Twitch. We'll break it down so getting your next cool set of wheels or car wrap will be a breeze. How to Enable Rocket League Fan Rewards Via Twitch Drops The Rocket League website has a lot of content, and it's a little easy to get lost when you're trying to get your fan rewards, here's a step-by-step guide on how to get started! 1. Visit the Website Head on over to the Rocket League main site, and hover over the Rocket League Logo in the top left to switch over to the Rocket League eSports main page, here's where you'll find the Fan Rewards tab. 2. Click the "Link Now" Button After you've navigated to the Fan Rewards tab, you'll need to scroll down and find the button that says "Link now!" along with some previews of the sweet rewards you can receive, and some helpful FAQs. 3. Link Your Twitch Account Once you've clicked the button, you'll be asked to sign into your Twitch account. Keep your phone handy, because you'll probably get a code for the 2-factor authentication. This step is to help make sure that whenever you're watching select Rocket League games on your linked Twitch account, Psyonix (the devs at Rocket League) know to reward you. 4. Select Your Platform of Choice Next, Twitch and Psyonix need to know which Rocket League account to send rewards to. This means you'll need to choose the platform you'd prefer to receive your rewards on. If you're on console, you'll want to pick either Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch, depending on which platform you use the most. If you're on PC, remember that EPIC games bought Rocket League from the Steam store, so if you haven't owned Rocket League before May 2019, you'll have to choose the Epic Version. If you bought Rocket League on Steam before then, you can still log into the Steam version and use that account. 5. Log in to the Respective Account Keep in mind that once you've chosen your platform and signed in to that account, Rocket League will only reward that specific account when you've logged in. However, if you set that platform as your primary account, you can share your inventory across platforms. 6. Setting a Primary Account Through Epic Linking (Extra Step for Sharing Inventory) If you only ever play on one platform, you can skip this step, but if you want your rewards across all the platforms you play Rocket League on, you'll need to set a primary account over at Rocket League's Support page: Once you're there, it's pretty straight-forward with these steps: Log into your Epic accountSign in to all your platforms to link your available accountsChoose which one you want all your future rewards and ranked stats to go to (your primary) Your rank, Rocket Pass level, and inventory from this account will now show whenever you log into any of your linked platforms. Certain items are platform restricted, though. 7. Watch Some Twitch Broadcasts! You're all set up! All you need to do now is tune into selected Rocket League Broadcasts on Twitch to start earning sweet rewards. It's important to know that the rewards are time-based, and you'll receive random fan rewards throughout the Broadcasts. You can find all the official games on the Rocket League Twitch Channel, and most other official RLCS and CRL Broadcasts will be enabled for Fan Rewards. How to Know if You’ve Earned a Fan Reward Once you've started watching an official broadcast, you'll be able to track your reward progress on Twitch by clicking on your profile icon, then selecting "Drops." When you've spent enough time watching an official broadcast, Twitch will send you a notification telling you which reward you've earned. Once you've logged into your linked Rocket League Account, you should receive that item in-game to show off to your friends. Conclusion Even if you come to the live pro games for the rewards, you might just end up learning a thing or two during your time waiting for those sweet drops. Whether it's watching how the pros come up with new tactics for beating opponents in RLCS or seeing amazing new mechanical tricks in the Freestyle Tournaments, you'll be earning and learning simultaneously. And who knows? maybe you'll have discovered your new favorite eSport to watch along the way.

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