How to Use Valorant Tracker to Hone Your Skills

Learn how to use Valorant Tracker, and elevate your skills with real-time data, match history analysis, and agent performance insights.

Chris Wong - Writer for Buff
By Chris Wong
Tamara Fodora - Editor for Buff
Edited by Tamara Fodora

Published May 2, 2023.

Knowledge is power! Sure, you can go straight into another game after a hard loss, and the repetition alone will eventually make you a better Valorant player. Or, you can speed up your improvement by using Valorant Tracker while playing.

The tracker can show you where you excel and struggle in your gameplay. By using this data and information, you'll be able to set up situations where you perform best and spend some time practicing in areas where you are weak.

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Understanding Valorant Tracker's Advanced Features

Here are 4 features of the tracker that can give you a competitive edge:

1. Heatmaps

Heatmaps will allow you to visually understand how you are performing across different areas of the map. Are you constantly caught out of cover when trying a greedy push on Attacker Spawn? Or are you consistently getting kills from Market Door on Ascent? Now you'll know.

2. Advanced Match History

Advanced match history gives you access to the ranks and statistics across the last few games for each player in the lobby. Understanding who is on a hot streak versus who's tilted will allow you to assess your winning chances and adjust your gameplay.

3. Agent Win Rate

Being able to see win rates and stats for the enemy players' selected agents can tell you who is not comfortable with their agent pick. On the other hand, understanding your own agent win rate can give you insight into which agent or role you play best (which may surprise you).

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4. Global Leaderboards

Lastly, global leaderboards give you something to strive for, especially if you are a strong player competing with the best of the best. If you are sitting on the brink of becoming Immortal, you have real-time information on whether or not one more win can give you enough RR to break into those coveted ranks.

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Climb the Ranks with the Help of Valorant Tracker

While data analytics will never replace good old practice and play time, it can definitely give you the small boost and guidance you need to accelerate your climb up the ranks. If interested, you can find an easily integrated Valorant Tracker on the Overwolf Appstore.

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