The Flower Crosshair: How to Customize Your Valorant Kill

Valorant's customizable crosshairs allow for some unique aesthetics to liven up your game. Discover how to build the flower crosshair in this guide.

Chris Wong - Writer for Buff
By Chris Wong
Joel Taylor, editor for Buff
Edited by Joel Taylor

Updated July 17, 2023.

In the game of Valorant, there are a number of ways to customize and personalize settings and skins to either improve your accuracy or show a little flair. While things like sensitivity settings and keybindings can improve overall gameplay, and gun skins and buddies can add a little personality to your game sessions, having a custom crosshair accomplishes a little bit of both.

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How to Change the Size and Color of Your Valorant Crosshair

Though some players just stick with the default crosshair, Valorant gives you a slew of customization options to help you find something more beneficial to your play than the bulky white default preset. Adjusting your crosshairs not only tends to improve gameplay by making things easier to see and aim at, but also spices up another visual dynamic of the game.

Hiko, a well-known pro streamer, has a reputation for switching his crosshairs multiple times a stream just to change things up. While most pros' tips for crosshairs tend to lean towards reducing the size and changing the color to something more vibrant and easy to see (such as cyan), here are the settings you can follow to make the unique flower crosshair:

  • Crosshair color: Anything you'd like, but we recommend Purple (choose Custom and put in this color code: #800080)
  • Outlines: On
  • Outline opacity: 1
  • Outline thickness: 1
  • Center dot: Off

For Inner Lines

  • Show inner lines: On
  • Inner line opacity: 1
  • Inner line length: 2
  • Inner line thickness: 5
  • Inner line offset: 2
  • Movement error: Off
  • Firing error: Off

For Outer Lines

  • Show outer lines: On
  • Outer line opacity: 1
  • Outer line length: 3
  • Outer line thickness: 1
  • Outer line offset: 2
  • Movement error: Off
  • Firing error: Off

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Customize Your Valorant Gameplay Experience

Go and try out these settings in an unranked match and see how you like it! Being able to customize crosshairs to make some with less than optimal performance but off-the-charts aesthetics is sometimes the impractical fun we need to enjoy the game even further once competitive play becomes a little stale. So if you end up liking the flower crosshair, there are loads of other interesting presets that you can load into your in-game profile for quick swapping. If your inner-Hiko calls, you can even swap your crosshairs during the match. GLHF!

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