Is Rainbow Six Siege Still Popular in 2024? Active Player Count

Rainbow Six: Siege has been running strong for almost 7 years, but is it still popular today? Find the active player count and future predictions here.

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By Remi Smith
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Updated November 16, 2023.

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From its release in 2015, the Rainbow Six: Siege scene has come a considerably long way. With 11 maps and 43 new operators added to the game, there is no lack of complexity that R6 brings to the table. Every season, Ubisoft seems to 1-up their own cosmetics and game modes, bringing constant map changes and balances to the game—but is it enough to keep the player base active today and keep an active payer count?

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Striking R6 Siege Statistics

Rainbow 6: Siege steadily grew in popularity until it reached its first major peak of 176,000 players in March 2018, when the Outbreak game mode was first introduced. This game mode did so well that it served as a direct inspiration for Ubisoft's more recent game: Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6: Extraction, and it is still one of the highest-paid eSports titles today.

The Effect of COVID-19

In the first quarter of 2020, there was a massive growth of interest in R6 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. 15 million new registered accounts were made for the game, pushing the total registered accounts on all platforms up to 70 million!

The game reached its highest peak to date in March 2021, with over 200,000 players actively playing at the launch of the Crimson Heist seasonal update, alongside a free-to-play weekend event.

The State of R6 Now

Since March 2021, the game has sadly seen a steady decline in players, currently showing a peak of 60,000 players, which is a massive 70% drop in player activity. The player count has not been that low since July 2017.

It seems that Ubisoft will have to market and launch something big for Siege to bring back some of its player base; otherwise, we might see the game continue to lose popularity and eventually die out.

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