The Fast Track to Double Ranking Up in Valorant

Learn about the concept of double ranking in Valorant, its impact on matchmaking and gameplay, and how you might achieve the feat in this popular FPS game.

Writer for Buff, Remi Smith
By Remi Smith
Tamara Fodora - Editor for Buff
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Published May 2, 2023.

Ranking up in Valorant is a well-known challenge. For many players, the grind to climb up through the ranks is a long one. So, seeing somebody get a double rank up means they are truly exceptional, lucky, or cheating. 

Double ranking up in Valorant is a rare achievement that occurs when a player ranks up twice (from gold 1 to gold 3, for example) within a single competitive match. For seasoned players, it's usually a sign of exceptional performance and a testament to a player's skill and dedication to the game.

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How to Get a Double Rank Up in Valorant

A double rank up can happen when a player's individual performance in a match is exceptionally high, leading to a greater increase in their personal matchmaking rating (MMR) than usual. Here are three scenarios in which that can happen:

1. The Naughty Way

Players who climb through the ranks by having an unfair advantage over other players tend to see a double rank up more often than players who play by the rules. The most common way of getting an unfair advantage over other players is to create a smurf account, which is a new level 1 account, and play against players who are still learning the game. Of course, this implies that you are not a beginner yourself.

It's a low blow in most games and can result in a permanent ban on the account if you're caught doing it, so we would never suggest it. Still, it's good to know why you might be getting stomped if you're new at the game.

2. The Lucky Way

The lucky way is if you haven't played ranked since the big ranked reset, and you need to climb to your proper MMR again. It can also happen if you just don't play ranked, but you're really good in unranked or casual matches.

3. The Exceptional Way

The exceptional way is when the stars align, and you're having a really good ranked day when your head is in the game. Getting a double rank up this way is truly an incredible feat, as it shows that you've excelled past your normal level of skill by a tremendous amount. Many players say it's close to impossible, but it does happen.

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Final Thoughts

So, unless you've been out of the ranked system for a long time (or you're being cheeky with a smurf account), double ranking up in Valorant is a remarkable feat that can only be achieved through extraordinary skill and performance. It's a rare occurrence that happens only to the best of the best, making it a coveted achievement among Valorant players.

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