Top 5 Most Popular LoL Female Champions of 2024

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Updated November 16, 2023.

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Whether you're picking all-girl LoL champions for the theme (we see it quite a lot, even in the competitive scene), you're playing a female-champion-only challenge, or you just really like the aesthetics and personality of the characters, and you don't know which to choose—don't worry, we've got your back. Here are the top 5 most-played female champions for top, mid, and bot lanes in 2022, to help you make the right choice.

1. Fiora

The Grand Duelist

Splash art of a female champion holding a rapier

Fiora fights to restore family honor after her father tarnished the reputation of her house. She's an ultimate duelist with a blunt personality and is often seen in the top lane during the laning phase. She's a melee fighter who excels at 1v1 matchups, and can be seen bullying her opponents with high damage and mobility. Fiora's build allows her to make short work of bruiser champions with high HP.

Fiora's Skills

  • Passive: Duelist's Dance Fiora will mark enemy champions with a vital spot—if she hits it, she gains movement speed and restores health.
  • Q: Lunge She dashes in a direction dealing damage to anyone she hits, dealing on-hit effects.
  • W: Riposte Fiora evades all incoming damage for a small period of time, then stabs her weapon. If her ability blocks an immobilizing attack, her stab will hit the first champion, otherwise, it will slow them.
  • E: Blade Work Fiora's next two basic attacks will have increased attack speed—the first will slow, and the second will always be a critical hit.
  • R: Grand Challenge Her ultimate marks four vitals on a selected enemy champion. If she hits all four vital spots or hits at least one before the champion dies, you and your allies in the area will be healed for a few seconds.

2. LeBlanc

The Deceiver

Female champion's mimic with a magic staff casting a spell while the champion escapes behind it

LeBlanc is a mysterious magic user who uses mirror imagery and trickery to manipulate opponents to get her way. The sorceress has been a pain in the mid-lane since her release, and her re-work made her even more feared than ever before. LeBlanc's kit excels at high magical burst damage and has an amazing knack for escaping fights with her passive ability that creates a clone to confuse opponents.

LeBlanc is a glass cannon, meaning she excels at damage output, but ultimately she's a squishy champion. She's a tricky champion to master, but the time required to learn how to play effectively is worth it as popping off with high kill streaks is amazingly satisfying with this OP mid-laner.

LeBlanc's Skills

  • Passive | Mirror Image LeBlanc turns invisible for a second and spawns a clone of herself when her health drops below 40%. The clone does no damage.
  • Q | Sigil of Malice She sends out an attack that damages and marks an enemy for 3.5 seconds. If LeBlanc damages that enemy within that time, the target takes more damage.
  • W | Distortion LeBlanc dashes to a location dealing AOE magic damage. Activating the ability again returns her to her starting location.
  • E | Ethereal Chains She sends out a chain that deals damage to the first enemy hit. If the chain stays attached to the target for more than 1.5 seconds, they take extra damage and are rooted.
  • R | Mimic LeBlanc's ultimate casts an empowered version of the last spell she's cast.

3. Camille

The Steel Shadow

Female champion with white hair, flying over builds with grappling hooks, her legs replaced with blades

Camille is another super popular top-lane fighter. She's an overpowered agent who's been weaponized with Hextech technology coupled with a perfectionist attitude, whose duty is to keep law and order in Piltover and the Zaun undercity district.

Camille's tool kit does take a bit of effort to understand and requires a lot of precision. When you've got her kit down though—you're guaranteed fun and rewarding gameplay with loads of flexibility during the mid-game phase of the match.

Camille's Skills

  • Passive | Adaptive Defenses When Camille hits an enemy champion with a basic attack, she'll gain a shield equal to the percentage of her max HP against that champion's main damage type.
  • Q | Precision Protocol Camille can cast an empowered basic attack. She can cast it again, though the second strike deals far more damage if she delays her hit.
  • W | Tactical Sweep She sweeps her leg out in a cone AOE doing damage. The edge of the cone does extra damage, slows, and heals Camille.
  • E | Hookshot Camille can jump onto a wall, where she can leap off at an enemy, knocking them up as she lands.
  • R | The Hextech Ultimatum Camille launches herself at an enemy champion and locks them in a mini arena they cannot escape. She does extra damage to this target with her basic attacks.

4. Vayne

The Night Hunter

Dark haired female champion with red sunglasses and a red cloak, jumping backwards while firing her crossbow

Vayne is a challenging ADC who seems simple at first glance. She's an incredible bot-lane champion who has insane skills. Her kit takes a long time to master and her abilities are much closer-ranged than other ADCs in the bot lane, putting her in the heat of the situation at all times.

Vayne struggles in the early game with no wave clear abilities and requires precise timing to farm during the laning phase, but becomes one of the most overpowered carries in the game, in later phases of the match.

  • Passive | Night Hunter Vayne gains 30% extra movement speed when running toward an enemy champion.
  • Q | Tumble Vayne rolls in a direction, empowering her next basic attack.
  • W | Silver Bolts Vayne stacks basic-attack marks against enemies, and on her third consecutive hit, deals bonus true damage based on a percentage of the target's maximum health.
  • E | Condemn She fires a bolt that knocks a target back, dealing damage. If the target hits a wall, they take extra damage and are stunned.
  • R | Final Hour Vayne empowers herself for a short period of time, gaining extra damage and invisibility during her tumble, which has faster cooldowns and extra movement speed from her passive.

5. Katarina

The Sinister Blade

Splash art of a female champion with red hair dashing towards you with her daggers ready to attack

Katarina is a hybrid assassin mid-lane champion that is feared by most ADCs and melee attackers. When you get her combo right, her mobility and burst damage make her fun to play, but rather challenging to master.

Katarina deals both physical and magical damage, making her hard to build a defense against in a lane or in a team fight. Since her release in 2009, Katarina remains one of the most popular female champions to play in League of Legends. Her abilities work around movement and attacking enemies with her daggers.

Katarina's Skills

  • Passive | Voracity If an enemy that she hurt dies near her, Katarina's cooldowns are shortened dramatically. And if she picks up a dagger she's thrown, she'll dash through nearby enemies dealing extra damage.
  • Q | Bouncing blade Katarina throws a blade that bounces between enemies dealing damage before landing on the ground.
  • W | Preparation Katarina tosses a dagger into the air above her and gets a burst of movement speed.
  • E | Shunpo She flashes to the target friendly, striking the nearest enemy upon landing. This will always prioritize champions over minions.
  • R | Death Lotus Katarina spins on the spot throwing loads of daggers at up to three enemy champions, dealing huge magic damage.

These female champions are some of the top picks in LoL at the moment. Each has some amazing skins to choose to personalize your champion so you can dazzle your teamies and opponents in the rift.

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