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Dota 2 Account Boosting: What It Is & Why You Need to Avoid It
Buff faqsDota 2 Account Boosting: What It Is & Why You Need to Avoid ItEvery so often, taking a shortcut can mean gaining an unfair advantage over other people, and in the case of Dota 2 account boosting, it means causing negative impacts on your team play and the quality of your games. » Learn how to sell your Dota 2 skins on Steam Account Boosting There's no dodging the fact that learning and mastering Dota 2 and climbing the ranks in the MOBA takes a long, long time. Like in many other online competitive games, Valve has a simple rating system to measure your potential rank amongst thousands of other players called MMR (matchmaking rating). So far, there are 8 ranks in total, and every rank is split into 5 tiers. Players will earn a badge when reaching these tiers as they earn enough MMR, and can display and show off these badges publicly. Here's a breakdown of how much MMR is needed per rank: Herald 0 - 616 MMRGuardian 770 - 1,386 MMRCrusader 1,540 - 2,156 MMRArchon 2,310 - 2,926 MMRLegend 3,080 - 3,696 MMRAncient 3,850 - 4,466 MMRDivine 4,620 - 5,420 MMRImmortal 5420+ MMR Your rank represents how good you are at Dota 2 and the respective badges you own show other people you are a skilled player. However, some players aren't quite happy with where they're placed and are too tempted by a cheeky (and bannable) tactic called account boosting. This allows them to climb through the tiers to higher ranks without actually earning those placements through the effort that's required to get there. Account boosting isn't legal in Dota 2 and violates the terms of service you agree to when you play the game for the first time. Unfortunately, that doesn't stop loads of websites from advertising account boosting, and thousands of pros who are willing to boost low-ranked accounts for a certain price. How It Works Essentially, a player who has a low rank, or one who isn't happy with their current rank, will give their account over to another person or bot, who will then climb through ranks on their behalf. There are a few methods to boost accounts and all of them are frowned upon. Getting a friend or pro rank up for you: This seems to be tempting enough that people are willing to pay pros to play on their accounts and soar through the ranks. Smurfing: Even more tempting than getting your rank boosted by a pro, is being the pro getting paid to cheat the system by boosting accounts. Using a bot: Players who have been previously reported are moved to low-priority queues—and some 'hire' a bot to take their account out of low-priority lobbies. Implications on Game Play There's a reason Valve is trying to stomp on this behavior—not only is it unfair to players who climb legitimately, but it also causes huge balancing issues for many players' matches, and often for many matches too. Imagine you get a teamie who's been boosted all the way from Guardian to where you are in Ancient and has no idea how to play the game properly. That player would be a liability to the team and would continue to weigh down his teammates. Though the idea of quickly excelling to a high rank and slipping past all the trouble of grinding seems like an exciting idea to some, it really ruins the game for those players who have genuine intentions and are there to play fairly. Players who have their account boosted also tend to skip past essential lessons about the game that are learned by climbing through the ranks at a regular pace. Consequences of Account Boosting in Dota 2 If the idea of ruining the game for themselves and other players doesn't sway cheeky gamers from account boosting in Dota 2, Valve has some lovely measures in place. Dota 2 has in-game bans for offenses like toxic behavior and leaving matches early, and depending on how often you earn these bans, they can stack up from 10 min to 6 months—but account boosting incurs much bigger wrath from Valve: the VAC ban, a year-long ban. Final Words It's definitely not worth it to go through the incredible risk of having a VAC ban just to have your account boosted by a pro you had to pay. On top of that, you're just going to suffer each ranked game you play because you're not where you're supposed to be. There's a reason Valve made account boosting illegal, so be a team player and stay on your own account. While you're sweating it out while climbing the ranks in Dota 2, why not have Buff open in the back to earn some sweet free rewards?
Top 5 Earners in CoD: Warzone &  How Much They Made (2022)
EsportsTop 5 Earners in CoD: Warzone & How Much They Made (2022)The Call of Duty competitive scene spreads widely, with different leagues and tournaments across different games. Vanguard is home to the Call of Duty League (CDL), while Warzone tournaments are hosted on a variety of platforms and organizers, Activision included. While there isn't an official, publisher-backed league for Warzone, the potential earnings for pro players dropping in are no joke. According to data grabbed from Warzone Earnings, the biggest Warzone pros are not just racking up cash for buy stations in-game, but are also making big bucks IRL from their winnings. Keep reading to learn about the top 5 earners in CoD: Warzone. » Learn more about CoD: Warzone 1. Thomas "Tommey" Trewren Probably one of the most famous names across competitive Warzone, Tommey comes in as the top earner with $416,722.61. While Tommy has long been with CoD since 2010, he was also one of the first CoD pros to get into Warzone and its competitive scene from the initial release back in March 2020. Most recently, departing from the 100 Thieves streamer umbrella, Tommey isn't showing any signs of letting go of his top spot. While Tommey is no stranger to competitive shooters, Warzone has really set a new level for raking in dough for the CoD veteran. In 2022 alone, Tommey brought in 5-figure prizes from multiple tournaments, including: OpTic Texas 100K Warzone Trios: 1st Place, $40,000eFuse Joe Wo's Cladera of Passion: 1st Place, $10,000 » Got your own CoD skills? Learn about the online CoD tournament entry criteria 2. Ben "Almond" Rosendahl Coming in as the 2nd highest earner with $381,521.77, Almond debuted in 2020 and cemented himself as one of the best competitive Warzone players since. Even without a super long history, his talent on the sticks and in content creation led him to being quickly picked up by Minnesota RØKKR back in June 2021. Almond'd earnings from Warzone tournaments had definitely added lots of dollars to the 23-year-old's bank account, especially with his streak of 1st place wins in the last four tournaments he has played: World Series of Warzone Season 2 NA Trios: 7th Place, $8,000JoeWo: Battle for the Crown 2 Day 2: 1st Place, $6,000eFuse Battle of the Titans: 2nd Place, $6,000$20k 2v2 ChainGames Warzone Finale: 1st Place, $10,000 3. Aydan Conrad Trailing 2nd place by just under two grand, Aydan comes in as the 3rd highest earner with $379,274.27. Formerly a competitive Fortnite player, Aydan showed that his skills could apply to just about any game with crosshairs. After leaving Ghost Gaming back in April 2020, Aydan is officially part of the content creator team for the New York Subliners (NYSL), the official CDL franchise team of New York. Aydan was previously the highest earner for Warzone back in March 2021, being the first pro player to break the $300,000 in tournament earnings milestone. While he's been overtaken by fellow pros, he is definitely not out for the count: World Series of Warzone Season 2 NA Trios: 4th place, $15,000eFuse Batttle of the Titans: 1st Place, $13,714New York Subliners $50K WarzoneMania 3 Day 1: 1st Place, $10,000 4. Ethan "Fifakill" Pink New to the top 5 list, and coming in as the 4th highest earner is Fifakill, with $258,582.82 earned. At just 21 years of age, Fifakill is a young star in the CoD scene, arguably one of the most OG FPS franchises there is. Currently representing the UK as a part of Quadrant, a gaming org backed and built by fellow Englishman and Formula One driver, Lando Norris. Most notably, Fifakill had an incredible showing in September of this year in the World Series of Warzone NA Solo Yolo, which pushed him up 6 spots in the earnings rankings with a 1st place prize of $100,000! Here are Fifakill's biggest wins of the year: World Series of Warzone Season 2 NA SoloYolo: 1st Place, $100,000BoomTV x TimTheTatman 2v2 Kill Race: 1st Place, $66,000 5. Jordan "HusKerrs" Thomas Last on this top 5 list is definitely not the least known. HusKerrs has been in the Warzone scene since the beginning and was the first player to earn $100,000 in Warzone tournaments. Though currently unsigned today, HusKerrs was a part some of the biggest teams in esports, being a part of Rogue in 2020 and NRG Esports, which Buff proudly sponsors, across 2021. Though HusKerrs may not be seeing the same level of dominance he did back when Warzone first started, he is undoubtedly still one of the strongest contenders: eFuse SuperEvan's Judgment Day: 3rd Place, $2,000JoeWo: Battle for the Crown 2 Day 2: 2nd Place, $4,000New York Subliners $50K WarzoneMania 3 Day 2: 1st Place, $10,000 » Looking for an esport to compete in? Discover the highest esports prize pools Final Thoughts The surprising thing about the list is the diversity of the players. Coming from different gaming backgrounds, ages, controller, or keyboard and mouse, they share at least one thing in common: they have all made six-figure earnings from this one game alone. This number will only continue to go up as we saw with World Series of Warzone Season 2 staying strong. Going into Season 3, let's see who might break the million-dollar earnings milestone first! » Earn free rewards while playing CoD: Warzone—Download Buff
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout—Get the Crown & Earn Buffs Too!
Buff faqsFall Guys: Ultimate Knockout—Get the Crown & Earn Buffs Too!This family-friendly game is a bright splash of color in the gaming world—a beautiful take on the trending Battle Royale-style games. This game brings controller-clutching gameplay that will have you leaning frantically all over your seat, and brings screams of joy, relief, and occasional frustration to the room. Mediatonic brings back the thrilling memories of a TV favorite, Wipe Out, and blends it with the nail-biting sense of excitement and suspense from the elimination show, Squid Games. With loads of consistent map additions, and limited themed cosmetics, Fall Guys is always exciting, especially if you own the battle pass. And now you can earn extra Buff Points while you're having fun! Keep reading to learn more. » Looking to use those Buffs for prizes? Discover all there is to know about Buff Points What Is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout All About? Mediatonic, a British video game developer with Epic Games as a parent company, started releasing games in 2009, but really only took off with the release of Fall Guys in 2020. This was quickly followed by a massive popularity boost when Epic Games acquired Tonic Games Group, the company that owns Mediatonic. Fall Guys is now available to play for free on Windows PCs, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch consoles with full cross-platform support! How to Play You'll start each round in a brightly colored map as a customizable bean character, where you're pitted against other players in an elimination-style set of arenas. Whether it's winning races, competing in teams, lasting in survival rounds, or fighting it out in sudden death, your goal in Fall Guys is to be the last bean standing. Doing so will earn you crowns to show off your wins. Fall Guys has a few rotating game modes, which feature team games, private lobbies, solo knockouts, and fun limited-time themed game modes that rotate within every season! At the time of writing, there have been 2 seasons each featuring amazing battle passes with awesome skins, items, and XP boosts! You might be dodging giant fruits and swinging hammers or trying to stay afloat on layers of disappearing platforms. There will be slippery pink goo to maneuver over and giant spinning fans threatening to yeet you across the map and back to the start. With all this considered, it's almost guaranteed you will be kept on your toes every round. Why We Love the Game Aside from its whimsical environments and challenging rounds, at its core, it's a game that lets friends and family play together across loads of platforms while meeting new friends around the world. On top of its ever-growing vibrant community, Buff has been excited to recently have brought Fall Guys into its library, only further enhancing the amazing experience that Fall Guys players have, by letting gamers get passive rewards just by playing the Ultimate Knockout online with your friends. Is it a silly game? Absolutely. But that's why it's so endearing. So, How Will It Work? Since Buff integrated with Fall Guys this year in 2022, it's never been easier to earn real-life rewards by playing this brightly colored title with your mates online. It's quite simple: Buff uses a stat tracking program called Overwolf to let them see your in-game progress and assign you challenges to earn the in-app currency, Buff Points. Buff works on PC and mobile and works with a freemium business model, allowing players to get higher tier paid-for subscriptions and watch optional adverts, letting Buff make some sweet rewards available to loyal gamers with no extra effort required. » Want to learn more about Buff? Read our guide to how Buff works Download Buff Getting started is super easy. Just head on over to the download page and hit download. Installing Buff will also automatically install Overwolf, the trusted Buff partner that allows the app to run on your PC so you can start earning rewards immediately. Earn Buffs While Playing Fall Guys As you're finishing matches and challenges you'll be earning Buff Points. you can also earn these points in fun-to-complete daily and weekly challenges, wheel spins, watching ads, and subscribing to premium tiers of the app. The more you play your favorite Buff-supported games, the more Buff Points you'll earn! Cash Out on Your Rewards After you've gathered enough Buff Points playing games over time, you'll be ready to redeem a sweet reward over in the Buff Marketplace. These rewards include gift cards to shops like Amazon, Apple, GameStop, Walmart, Google, and most gaming platforms, as well as gaming peripherals, in-game currencies, CD keys for full game titles, and even being able to donate your Buff points to planting trees and saving sea turtles around the world. What Are You Waiting For? So, if you're up for some family-friendly fun in the world's most colorful party royale, just hop onto your favorite gaming platform and download the game for free now! Double up the rewarding feeling of crossing those finish lines with some extra rewards by playing on PC with Buff. » Get started: Download Buff
Playing Valorant's Fracture Map: Callouts, Strategies, & Pro Tips
Buff faqsPlaying Valorant's Fracture Map: Callouts, Strategies, & Pro TipsValorant's seventh map, Fracture, brought some spicy new flavor to the game back when it was released in 2021 as a part of Episode 3, Act 2. Valorant differentiates itself from other games in the FPS genre with its twists on the attacker-defender dynamic, which is clear on Fracture. The map is seemingly designed in a way that empowers the attacker side with an advantage over the defenders. That being said, there are some strategies you should know when it comes to playing on Fracture, so keep reading to find out. » Learn more about Valorant Fracture Map Overview While Fracture is a massive octagonal-shaped map, it plays like an H-shape due to the positioning of the attacker spawns and zip lines. While that makes it extremely difficult for the players new to the map to coordinate with their teammates, it also allows for those who know the ins and outs to make some sick plays. The attacker spawn is located on the bottom of the map, but can immediately access the top side through the zip line, and the defender spawn is encased smack dab in the middle of the map. There are four Ultimate Orbs scattered across the map. » Want free skins in Valorant? Take a look at the 2 in-game methods for doing so Attacking A Site on Fracture Callouts When attacking A Site, pay attention to A Rope and A Main. A Rope is a choke point you really want to have control over as it is an essential location to hold for both attacking A Site and after planting the spike. With control over A Rope, A Main becomes a safer option to get to A Site, as you can worry less about flanks coming from A Hall while having great coverage over A Site post-planting. Goal Your goal here is to quickly gain control over the key areas mentioned above to have strong positioning for A Site and line of sight into Defender spawn. Strategies Having your Controller smoke key areas like A Rope and A Link to impede defender advancement to A Site will do wonders for progressing through A Hall. Once you've planted the spike, A Main is a solid position to defend so long as you cover flanks from potential enemies wrapping around from A Hall. Defending A Site on Fracture Callouts When defending A Site, pay attention to A Hall and give at least a little attention to A Drop. Attackers will be rushing to secure A Rope, so make sure you are ready to counter. And though A Drop is not the preferred mode of entry for Attackers into A Site, be sure to respect the possibility. Goal Your goal here is to gain control over A Rope, as it will allow you to keep watch over the A Drop entry while being ready for the action coming from A Hall. Strategies Do not hunker down in the defender spawn! Fracture makes this an awful position that is easily beaten out with a couple of smokes from the opposing team. Attacking B Site on Fracture Callouts When attacking B Site, important callouts are B Tower, B Link, and B Canteen. Gaining control of B Tower gives you excellent lines of sight to the entry points into B Site leading into and post plant. B Link and B Canteen are important areas to launch smokes, singling out enemies on the defending team as you look to take B Site. Goal Your goal here is to attempt to gain control over B Tower as quickly as possible. Strategies Push hard in the beginning, and then be sure to mix things up and keep defenders guessing. There are even more entries to B Site for defenders to cover, so use that to your advantage and catch them off guard. Defending B Site on Fracture Callouts When defending B Site, keep watch over B Arcade and B Main, the main entry points where attackers will push into B Site. Goal Your goal here is to take out enemies with your Duelist leading the charge to try to get an upper hand on enemies advancing into B Site. Strategies As we mentioned before, defenders have it rough on this map with the number of entries they need to cover, so try to get early picks to turn the odds in your favor. Expert Tips & Tricks Don't Dodge Fracture The attacker and defender spawn positioning is a big part of what makes Fracture so different, which also means it takes a while to become accustomed to the imbalance. There are things you will get a grasp of with enough experience running through dozens of matches on the map. A Site Planting Lots of players will plant on Heaven on A Site, hiding behind the wall in the corner for cover. You can actually wallbang this wall, but not always! The angles and guns you use will actually determine the success of this method. Jump into a custom match with a friend to get an idea of how this works. Farm Ultimate Orbs Fracture is also special in that there is an extra Ultimate Orb on each site, totaling 4. Take advantage of this! Especially as you are still getting used to playing the map, having your ult up and ready might be the boost you need to push forward with confidence. » Get free rewards just for playing: Download Buff and see how it works Teamwork Is Essential on Fracture More so than most other maps, teamwork is paramount for successfully winning on Fracture—especially if you are defending. Stick to the advice we've provided in this article and be sure to run a few custom games to practice the strategies. » Not sure what to use your Buffs for? Learn all you need to know about Buff Points
The 7 Best League of Legends Champions for First-Time Players
Buff faqsThe 7 Best League of Legends Champions for First-Time PlayersLeague of Legends is an extremely popular game, with its mobile equivalent, Wild Rift, making its way into the list of the highest esports prize pools. There are 160+ champions in League of Legends, with more than 200 items to buff them in-game during matches, so it's easy to feel overwhelmed when you open the game for the first time. There's a lot to learn, especially if you've never played a MOBA before, so if you're looking for a place to start, then you've found it. We've made a guide with some of the easiest and strongest champions to start with, so you can start winning your lane and carrying your team to victory while getting a nice variety of gameplay styles. 1. Garen—The Might of Demacia Garen is a melee attacker who wields a mighty broadsword and wears magic-resistant armor. He's capable of dishing out huge physical damage and has amazing sustainability thanks to his high hit-points and unique passive that lets him heal a percentage of his max health each second after not taking damage for a while. Garen is a very easy champion to use, and with the right items, you can get him to be ridiculously tanky. Garen's Stats Cost: 450 Blue EssenceLane: Top Role: Fighter/TankDamage: Physical Tips for Playing Garen All champions have a downside, and Garen's is that he doesn't have much crowd control (stuns, slows, knockbacks, etc.) nor does he have a good way to initiate a fight. However, his abilities have no cost, so don't be afraid to be aggressive. » Take a look at Garen's abilities 2. Annie—The Dark Child Annie is a ranged spellcaster who has the power to call flames at will and is protected by a giant flaming teddy bear called Tibbers. She excels at dealing burst damage with her abilities and also has a great range on all of her kit. Her ultimate is a great way to initiate fights, and her passive stun provides a great way to control the lane. Annie's Stats Cost: 450 Blue EssenceLane: Mid, BotRole: Spellcaster, Support Damage: Magical Tips for Playing Annie Annie has huge damage capability, but she's also slow and squishy and doesn't have any way to escape a fight if she needs to. When playing Annie, make sure to kite away from damage and focus your stun on the enemies' main damage dealer. Additionally, her stun comes up every 4th ability, so farm with her fireball Q (last hits restore mana) and attack enemies when you have your stun ready. Summoning Tibbers with a stun is a great way to start a fight, and it's easier to land. » Take a look at Annie's abilities 3. Ashe—The Frost Archer Ashe is a ranged attacker with the innate ability to wield the true power of ice. Ashe is amazingly easy to play and excels during the laning phase due to her high base damage and long range. Ashe is a bot lane ADC and usually benefits from having a support that can initiate fights and keep her opponents from reaching her. Ashe's Stats Cost: 450 Blue EssenceLane: BotRole: ADCDamage: Physical Tips for Playing Ashe Ashe is fun and easy to play, but, unfortunately, she's slow, making escaping fights a difficult endeavor. Keep an eye out for enemy jungler ganks during the laning phase, and don't forget to ward! Above all else, use your range to your advantage! Stay safe and keep poking your opponents, and always save enough mana for your ultimate, the enchanted crystal arrow—it's great if you need to initiate a fight or stun some enemies to provide an opportunity for escape. » Take a look at Ashe's abilities 4. Malphite—Shard of the Monolith Malphite is a magic-based melee attacker whose rocky exterior provides an amazing defense against all kinds of damage. He's a popular pick at most ranks in the LoL competitive scene due to his tankiness and amazing potential for initiating team fights. Malphite is an easy champion to play, and with the right build, you could easily be tanking tons of damage while still dishing loads of your own to multiple opponents. Malphite's Stats Cost: 1,350 Blue EssenceLane: Top, sometimes mid or jungleRole: Tank, FighterDamage: Magical Tips for Playing Malphite Malphite can cast his ultimate, unstoppable force, from brush or through walls and can hit multiple targets. Use this to initiate surprise fights for your team, or even to escape from ganks. » Take a look at Malphite's abilities 5. Jinx—The Loose Cannon Jinx is arguably one of LoL's most famous characters, and she's also one of the most popular champions to play. She's an easy-to-learn ranged physical attacker that excels at poking her opponents with long-ranged attacks and abilities. Jinx's Stats Cost: 4,800 Blue EssenceLane: BotRole: ADCDamage: Physical Tips for Playing Jinx Jinx has huge damage potential and can move around fairly quickly, but she's quite easy to kill as she's got very few hitpoints to work with. Jinx players nearly always have a support in the lane with them and play it extremely safe when soloing a lane. Jinx's ultimate can travel across the map, so keep an eye out for static fights or opponents trying to escape from a fight. Then, try and snipe them with your ultimate, the super mega death rocket. Timing does take a bit of practice, but it's super satisfying when you land your shot. » Take a look at Jinx's abilities 6. Warwick—The Uncaged Wrath of Zaun Warwick, a melee attacker, has been a popular pick for the jungle since the game launched. He's extremely easy to play, and he's really strong early game, so ganking early and stunting your opponents' progress in lanes is a popular tactic. Warwick's full potential unlocks when he reaches level 6, allowing you to easily pick off unsuspecting enemies throughout the rest of the match. Warwick's Stats Cost: 450 Blue EssenceLane: Jungle, TopRole: Jungler, FighterDamage: Physical Tips for Playing Warwick Warwick is a great initiator and can snowball pretty well in the early game, but even though his damage type is physical, a lot of his damage is magic, so its best to keep an eye out for people building magical resistance. Warwick's Q, jaws of the beast, lets you jump behind enemies if held down, which makes dodging skill shots and following flash escapes very easy. use Warwick's E, primal howl, when healing during a fight for maximum defense. » Take a look at Warwick's abilities 7. Soraka—The Starchild Soraka is a ranged spellcasting support who has the highest team-healing potential in the game. Even after her major rework, Soraka is one of LoL's main supports with the highest sustain and can keep her teammate healthy throughout the laning phase. and can help any fight on the map with her global heal (R). Soraka's Stats Cost: 450 Blue EssenceLane: Bot Role: SupportDamage: Magical Tips for Playing Soraka Landing Soraka's Q, starcall, is super important for keeping your health up and enemies away from you. Soraka has huge healing potential, allowing her to help any fight on the map with her global heal (R), but she is slow and easy to poke. » Take a look at Soraka's abilities Just Keep Practicing! We'll be honest—your first game will probably seem tough and overwhelming, especially if you've joined in with friends who've got higher levels. So we'll leave you with our biggest tip: keep trying—you'll eventually find your lane and the champions you'll love to play in them, so for now, why not try out these listed easy-to-learn champions so you can focus on mechanics and gameplay and start racking up some S+ games! » Ready to earn some rewards while playing your favorite games? Download Buff and learn how it works
5 Pro Tips For Making Money With Fortnite
Rewards5 Pro Tips For Making Money With FortniteFortnite had more than 25 million daily players during 2021, and some of those players make full livings entirely off of playing Fortnite. Today, there are up to 4 million people that are playing at any given time on servers around the world, so it's fair to say the game is super popular. With all of its popularity, Fortnite has loads of opportunities for players to earn money by getting involved in the game, so it might just be the right time to pick up an extra income if you think you've got what it takes. With that said, here are 5 ways that Fortnite players can make money off of one of the world's most-played games. Tip 1: Compete in eSports Tournaments Fortnite's been out for over five years now, so there's no shortage of players who feel like they dominate the opposition and have really come to master the mechanics that the game has to offer. If this sounds like you, maybe participating in eSports tournaments might be a great way to make that raw skill work for you and turn it into some sweet income. Not fond of being part of a team? Well, there are also solo-division tournaments for players who don't need a team to prove they're the best. Either way, the prize pools for many of these big tournaments are huge, and some players have already earned millions of dollars from Fortnite eSports competitions alone. You can typically get started by approaching professional teams or grabbing your own buddies and heading over to the Epic games' official Fortnite Competitive page, where anyone can sign up to compete in upcoming tournaments. » Skilled in other games as well? Take a look at the games with the highest eSports prize pools Tip 2: Livestream Your Gameplay Streaming has become a massive source of entertainment around the world. For some, it's been lucrative enough to bring fame and fortune. The benefit of streaming your gameplay online is that you don't necessarily have to be good at the game you're playing—you just have to be entertaining. As long as you find an audience who likes you on your preferred streaming platform (Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming, etc.) you'll be far more likely to earn a consistent flow of income from fan donations, subs to your channel, ad revenue, and potentially even sponsorships. The hard part is finding a unique way to present your content and gameplay that makes people stick around to watch you, instead of going over to the next guy streaming the same game. Tip 3: Consider Fortnite Coaching Strategy can be just as important as skill, and sometimes playing smart can let you cheese opponents who've spent hours perfecting their game. If you're that gamer who looks at all the details, patch notes, and updates and comes up with crazy strats to get an advantage over your opponents, then maybe coaching other players is for you. Getting started with coaching doesn't take much effort. Places like Fiverr make freelance opportunities pretty easy to come by and allow you to charge your own rates per hour or session. With eSports becoming more normalized, many high schools and universities adopt eSports titles and compete against each other, so coaches are becoming more and more relevant in the gaming world. Tip 4: Qualify for the Epic Games Support-a-Creator Program This one's for the creators. If you've got talent in capturing moments or creating content for your favorite Epic games, you could consider working towards qualifying for Epic's Support-a-Creator program. Epic Games believes strongly in the support from communities built on content creation, so the program rewards creators whenever their followers make purchases in-game. Epic Games' affiliate page explains how the whole process works. There are a few pre-requisites you'll need in order to be eligible for the program: You've got a following of 1000+ on your social media platform (YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and VK)You create content for Fortnite, Rocket League, or other EPIC game titlesYou are 18 years of age or older—there's also an under-18 application that requires supervisionYou must have a Hyperwallet account so that Epic can pay you Tip 5: Get into eSports Betting Here's a method that doesn't even require you to be good at Fortnite or charismatic enough to stream or produce content—all you need is some wisdom, a dash of luck, and to be at least 18 years old (depending on where you're from). eSports betting goes back further than you might expect, back in the arcade age starting with Asteroids and Invaders in the 70s. Betting, along with other types of gambling, is addictive and should only be done if you know what you're doing. You should make sure you are of legal gambling age in your jurisdiction, and that you are financially sound before making the decision to place a bet on any online sports matches. Conclusion Whether you're an absolute pro at Fortnite, or you've never touched the game yourself, there are ways you can make the popularity of this world-famous game work for you. Aside from actual money, there are many ways you can earn rewards from playing Fortnite, such as installing Buff. » Learn the ins and outs of Buff: how Buff works and how to earn Buff points
League of Legends eSports Stream Drops: How to Earn Rewards
RewardsLeague of Legends eSports Stream Drops: How to Earn RewardsIf you've spent any time playing a free-to-play game like League of Legends, you'll already know that people love to personalize their characters and accounts to suit them better and to show off to friends. In most cases, getting skins and cosmetics costs real money, but now there's a way for anyone to get awesome exclusive cosmetics for free: stream drops. Read on to learn how to do this in the simplest way possible. League of Legend Drops Explained Stream drops are usually cosmetic items like in-game skins that can only be redeemed by watching official streams that are "drop-enabled". The concept is pretty simple: hop into an official drop-enabled live stream, watch enough of the stream, and you'll get an opportunity to get an item drop for your game. It's a great way for game devs to promote their content while rewarding their viewers. Usually, streams that are drop-enabled are promoting new game content, events, or popular streamers. League of Legends drops usually happen during major tournaments, like Worlds 2022. How League of Legends Drops Occur When you're logged into (RIOT's dedicated streaming platform for LoL), much like other streaming platforms, there's a random chance for you to earn a drop while watching live matches, but you'll also earn drops at key moments of live tournaments. According to RIOTs FAQ page: You'll always get a drop after a pentakillYou may get a drop on every triple kill or quadrakillsOpening and closing ceremonies sometimes feature drops for everyoneThere's a high chance for RIOT to hand out drops at the first game of each stage (Play-ins, Group Stage, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Finals) What to Expect Out of a League of Legends Drop Your stream drop will include a random drop card of different rarities (Epic, Legendary, Mythic, or Ultimate), what you earned, and how to receive it. There are many different potential rewards that change over time, depending on the rarity of the card, including: Skin ShardsSkin CodesWard SkinsTacticiansChromasPrestige PointsIconsHextech chests and keysClash TicketsMerch During special events and major tournaments, you'll also have a chance to earn limited-time Reward Capsules that contain exclusive rewards for that event. For example, the 2022 Worlds Rewards Capsule contained one of the following: One of the Worlds-exclusive icons or emotes for 2022 (excluding team logos)One 2022 Esports CapsuleOne Hextech chest & key RIOT was nice enough to let anyone disenchant any duplicates you might have into orange essence, which can be used for unlocking skins in your hextech crafting! » Learn more about League of Legends How to Earn League of Legends Drops 1. Sign Into With Your Riot Games Account Head over to the site and hit the rewards tab, then just hit the "login & start earning" button and sign into the account you'd like to receive your rewards on - the one you play your League of Legends on. 2. Enable Drops and Rewards Once you've signed in, if you're seeing your account name on the rewards page of the site with some stats and an option to opt-out of rewards, then you're already ready to start earning some sweet loot. If not, you're probably seeing the reward page with a button that says "Start Earning." Click it to enable drops, then you're ready to hop into a stream! 3. Watch Designated Riot Games Live Streams You'll have to be watching a live stream for at least 5 minutes to be eligible for drops each time—and yes, they have to be live. Sadly, you won't be earning any rewards by watching previous streams (or VODs.) Keep in mind that you'll only be getting the drops mentioned in this post on RIOT Games' While Twitch does involve drops, there's no guarantee that you'll be getting drops for LoL. It's a good idea for you to do research before visiting a 3rd-party site that promises drops, as some of these sites are malicious. » Want to earn free rewards for playing LoL? Learn about how Buff works and download it today What to Do if You See a Drop While Streaming LoL So, by now, you might be signed in with drops enabled, and you're watching a live stream tournament waiting in suspense for your first juicy drop card. Here's what to expect and what to do when it arrives: Click on the Notification That Appears on the Screen On the right-hand side of the stream, a notification should pop up telling you you've received a drop. You'll be able to interact with it to receive your drop card! Review the Instructions on How to Get Your Rewards Depending on the type and rarity of the reward, your drop card will tell you how to activate your reward—or, in the case of merch, how to get RIOT to ship you your reward. In most cases, though, your reward will automatically get sent straight to your in-game collection within 24 hours. Visit the "Drops" Tab on Check out all your drops and a recap of how to activate them by visiting the rewards tab of the site. And just in case you're worried about missing the notification for your drop card, RIOT automatically sends all your drops to your rewards page, so make sure to check it out! » Confused about how to use your Buff Points? Read our guide Conclusion Getting sweet skins ad cosmetic items for free is always great, and RIOT have made it really easy to claim them in exchange for watching some live content, so even if you come for the skins, there's a good chance to leave with an experience. Maybe you'll learn something new about the game, or find a new favorite team to support—either way, it sounds like a win-win to me! » Looking for other great esports titles? Take a look at the esports games with the highest prize pools
7 Best Free Online eSports Games to Play in 2023 to Make $$$
Esports7 Best Free Online eSports Games to Play in 2023 to Make $$$The gaming industry is colossal. So big that, in 2022, it accrued more revenue than the film, music, and book publishing industries combined—and eSports makes up a huge portion of this industry. In 2018, Epic Games stated that more than $100 million was allocated for the Fortnite competitive scene for that year alone. eSports has now become a great opportunity for elite gamers to turn passion into careers in the gaming world. As such, here are the best free-to-play titles in the eSports scene that you can make money from without having to spend money on. 1. Apex Legends Available on Steam (PC), Origin (PC), PS, Xbox, and Switch Apex Legends is the most competitive FPS Battle Royale out at the moment. If you're not familiar with the genre, it's where dozens, or sometimes hundreds of teams or solo players are put into a shrinking arena with limited equipment and have to eliminate their opponents until they're the last ones standing. Apex is arguably the best-rated Royale to play at the moment, even earning a spot on the top eSports titles for PC in 2022. Respawn's remodeled Source engine allows Apex Legends to be an extremely fast-paced shooter with great mobility and gunplay, which invites some absolutely insane moments of gameplay making the competitive scene an extremely exciting experience to be a part of. The Apex Legends Global Series in 2022 has a prize pool of $2 million, but whether you're competing in the big leagues or just regional tourneys, Apex's eSports scene is worth being a part of. » Learn more about Apex Legends and how to get more Legend Tokens 2. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Available on Steam (PC) Counterstrike is among the OG's of competitive shooters in the eSports scene. It's a round-based team shooter where a team will have to try and plant a bomb on an objective area in the map, and the opposing team has to prevent that from happening or try to defuse the bomb before the round ends. The first title was made back in 2000 by Valve, the creators of Half Life, and has been growing in popularity as a competitive shooter since then. In 2021, the accumulative prize money from all the eSports tournaments was more than a whopping $21 million! The game's popularity is still high after all this time, so getting involved in the competitive scene can be rewarding. Many eSports CS:GO tournaments happen regionally, so you might just find a local tournament that could be worth joining. CS:GO pros and content creators are usually common candidates for sponsorships, so even if you're not winning parts of the prize pool, you could still be raking in a bit of cash by standing out with a cool sponsor. » Learn more about CS:GO and how to trade and sell skins on the CS:GO skin exchange 3. Dota 2 Available on Steam (PC) Dota 2 is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), a strategy game where two teams of 5 players are pitted against each other with the goal of destroying the opponent's base. Each player controls a unique character from a selection of over 120, each with their own abilities and passive traits. The game's competitive scene is among the largest titles in the eSports world, with the total prize money for 2021 for Dota2 boasting a mouthwatering $40 million! Dota 2's audience is also huge, and the way the game is built allows tournaments to happen all the time, all around the world! Participating in a Dota 2 championship is an awesome experience whether you're playing or just spectating. » Learn more about Dota 2 4. Fortnite Available on Epic Games (PC), Xbox, PS, iOS, macOS, and GeForce Now Fortnite is a third-person shooter game that released in 2017 and blew up almost instantly. Its competitive scene features a Battle Royale that works similarly to Apex Legends. Fortnite thrives in the eSports scene, with top players walking home happy with a huge $3 million in global tournaments. If you're feeling up to joining Fortnite tournaments, Epic games has made getting started really easy! Just head over to the official Epic Games site and check out their competitive page. » Learn more about Fortnite 5. League of Legends Available on RIOT Games (PC) League of Legends was inspired by the original Dota and features great graphics and visuals. It's also a bit faster than DotA, with a little less depth. League of Legends features in the top eSports list, with the worlds series in 2021 having a prize pool of $2 million. Watching League of Legends tournaments is always exciting and an amazing experience if you're lucky enough to be at a live game. LOL's competitive games are best streamed over on, where you can also earn some awesome loot with stream drops! » Learn more about League of Legends 6. Rocket League Available on Epic Games (PC), Steam (PC), Xbox, PS, Linux, macOS, and GeForce Now There's no game out there similar to Rocket League. Putting it bluntly, it's soccer with rocket-powered control cars that can jump and use boosters to fly around in the air, and even though the raw mechanics of Rocket League have never changed, players are still finding amazing new ways to move around and manipulate the ball at their will. Rocket League is my personal favorite eSports title to watch, the finesse that the pros have is breathtaking once you know how difficult the game is to play. The Rocket League world championship this year in 2022 will feature teams from all around the globe competing for a huge $6 million prize pool and massive sponsorship deals » Learn more about Rocket League 7. VALORANT Available on RIOT Games (PC) VALORANT is RIOT's approach to an FPS title after so much success on their MOBA: League of Legends. VALORANT is largely inspired by CS:GO and works much the same way from buying weapons at the beginning of each round to planting bombs on objectives. Where VALORANT stands out from its CS inspiration is its list of unique agents. There are currently 8 agents in the game, each with 4 unique abilities, one of which is an ultimate usually capable of turning the tides of a round if used well enough. The competitive scene for VALORANT took off almost instantly, thanks to RIOT Games' huge success with League of Legends. In the 2 years that VALORANT has been out, its already rewarded $14 million worth of prize money to players around the world. As RIOT's FPS grows in popularity, so do its opportunities in the eSports scene. » Learn more about Valorant Get Started and Earn More Along the Way Getting to the top admittedly won't be a walk in the park, but whether it's winning huge sums from eSports competitive tournaments or getting sponsored by brands, it's worth getting involved in the eSports scene. However, if you're not feeling up for the big leagues, you can also earn some passive rewards gaming with Buff!
5 Legitimate Ways to Make Real Money From Playing Games
Esports5 Legitimate Ways to Make Real Money From Playing GamesIf artists and musicians can get paid for doing what they are passionate about, why not gamers too? As the gaming industry continues to grow, it's becoming very possible to do just that: make real money from playing games! If you're thinking of getting serious about this, we've made a list of some of the legitimate ways people have made real money from the gaming world so that you can turn your favorite hobby into an income. 1. Stream Your Gameplay on Twitch/YouTube One of the most popular ways to make money by playing games online is to stream your content using Twitch or YouTube, and starting up is pretty easy! Both sights have a well-written startup guide to get the ball rolling (Twitch or YouTube), but you'll need more than a fresh account to start making some real income. Here are 3 big tips that we've learned that make a YouTube or Twitch steam more successful: Tip #1: Find a Unique Way to Present Content Let's be honest, there are already thousands of gamers streaming COD, Battlefield, LoL, and all the other games we love playing. In such a saturated market, we have to find something unique that makes people click on our streams and stay there. There are many ways to do this, but unfortunately, no one can tell you what your unique feature should be. For example, some people are naturally funny and have comedic themes in their streams, some put on personas like Dr. Disrespect, an overly aggressive role-playing gamer, and some streamers are just absolute pros that are too good to even need personalities. Tip #2: Make a Schedule So here's a scenario: you've had a bunch of viewers that stumbled across your stream, liked your content enough to follow your channel (great!), but they have no idea when your next stream is going to happen, so they accidentally miss it. That sucks for both you and your viewers, so it's important to have a schedule to let your viewers know that you—hypothetically—stream every Friday at 19:00. Post the schedule to your homepage so that everyone knows what to expect. Tip #3: Consistency Is Key We've seen streamers that have put hundreds of hours into their streams without much success, just because they never made their "recipe" work for them. If you're playing games in one stream, then doing artwork in the next, then your gaming viewers might not be interested in your art stream, and vice versa. Make sure that your viewers know what they're up for when they hop into your next stream. If you enjoy doing a variety of different streams, consider separating them into different days or times, such as art on Tuesdays and games on Thursdays and Fridays. 2. Join a Platform That Rewards You for Playing Did you know you can earn free rewards by playing the games you're already playing? I know, sounds too good to be true, right? However, there are free platforms out there like Buff that reward you simply for playing the games you already play! Playing earns Buff Points that you can spend on real-world items like PC peripherals and gift cards. Additionally, Buff gives you weekly and daily challenges you can complete to earn those points, and it's completely legit. You might be thinking "well what does Buff get out of it?" Buff primarily receives revenue from ads and premium subscriptions to the service, so you aren't impacted at all. » Ready for some free rewards? Get Buff now! 3. Create Video Game Tutorials & Guides We've all had that moment before when we think "man, I wish I knew that earlier," or "why isn't this common knowledge?" If you feel like you could teach a few tips and tricks to people on the game you've been playing, making tutorials or guides is a good way to help those people out and make some money doing it! YouTube is an extremely popular platform to post tutorials and guides onto, and getting an account started there is fairly simple. The trick is learning to efficiently record your content—we recommend free software like OBS for this—and editing your footage in a way that makes it entertaining for the duration of your tutorial. After enough people subscribe and watch your videos, you will be able to monetize your channel and start earning passive income from all your videos, new and old. 4. Compete in eSports Tournaments If you've found yourself feeling like you've mastered your game—like you're always carrying your team and could compete with anyone—then maybe it's time to try and sign up for a professional eSports team. The eSports scene is huge, and growing bigger every year, so the search for the best players in the competitive titles means that there's an ever-growing opportunity to sign up and compete in major tournaments for huge prize money. You'll be up against the best of the best here, so get ready to sweat for those rewards. Some eSports organizations create teams in multiple games, while others are limited to one game. Finding one to join will be different for each game, so you'll have to do some research about how different eSports organizations recruit their players. » Want to become an eSports pro? Take a look at the games with the biggest eSports prize pools. 5. Establish a Video Game Coaching Business So you've mastered your game, but you don't want the stress of eSports publicity, or maybe you're feeling too old to compete (the average peak age for eSports players is 19-22) or maybe you just want to get paid to help people improve, then consider becoming a coach and privately train players to gain a competitive advantage. The easiest way to get started with coaching is to sign up for a coaching platform, such as GamerSensei, Pro Guides, or freelance platforms like Fiverr. Start Earning Now Turning your gaming hobby into an income has never been more possible than it is today. Not only do each of the methods above provide viable ways to make some money, but you can also do all of them at the same to maximize your earning potential. The only thing holding you back is the amount of time and effort you put into making this a reality, so you better start soon!