Is Buff's Fulfillment Service Credible & How Does It Work?

Earning by playing your favorite video games is super safe and totally legit with Buff. Learn more about Buff's credibility and how it all works.

Chris Wong - Writer for Buff
By Chris Wong
Korana Braun - Editor for Buff
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Updated July 25, 2023.

While earning rewards just by playing games with Buff may sound too good to be true, you can rest assured that it is legitimate—Buff is a credible partner, turning the gamer's dream into a reality.

So, how does Buff's fulfillment service do this legitimately? Gamers are able to earn Buff points while running the app in the background and redeem them for a variety of rewards.

» Buff is tired and tested by ranked gamers

Our Marketplace

The Buff Marketplace is accessible within the app—this is where you go to redeem Buff Points you've earned on the battlefield or Summoner's Rift for rewards like skins or Riot Points to look flashier doing it the next time around.

While those types of rewards are some users' favorites, there is a wide variety of redeemable items, such as Amazon gift cards, gaming peripherals from brands like Razer, or even cashing your points out directly via PayPal.

How It Works

The process is super smooth and done directly through the app.

  • Head over to the Marketplace and pick items that are up for redemption (make sure the item you are redeeming is available in your region)
  • There is a secure 2-factor verification process—you will receive an email with a verification code to enter back into the app
  • Once you have redeemed your item of choice, it will go directly into your inventory

This applies to gift cards as well, as they are digital gift cards with their codes being accessible by clicking on them in the inventory.

Feel free to explore Buff. Become a member of the Buff community, share your gaming experience and tips on earning points and reaping the rewards, and ask questions.

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