How to Fix the 0.1 kB/s Bug During Valorant Update

Conquer the frustrating "0.1 kB/s bug" during Valorant updates with our comprehensive guide! Get your game back on track and enjoy uninterrupted gameplay.

Writer for Buff, Remi Smith
By Remi Smith
Joel Taylor, editor for Buff
Edited by Joel Taylor

Published July 24, 2023.

Some people claim to have had the frustrating "downloading update at 0.1kB/s" bug in Valorant for over 10 months, halting their Valorant dreams for far too long. Most of them don't even realize that there are things you can do to fix the problem and jump right back into being wrecked by a wild Jett in no time.

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Causes for the 0.1kB/s Bug During Valorant Updates

Valorant uses a rather intensive anti-cheat system called Vanguard that gets installed deep into your system to help stop recognized 3rd-party programs from running. The software has the ability to register and ban your actual hardware from logging into Riot servers. Pretty crazy, right? Well, there's a really good chance your anti-virus thinks so, too.

The most likely cause for this issue is the clash between your anti-virus and Riot's invasive anti-cheat software, which causes the game to get stuck on downloading certain files. If you hover over the 4 boxes in the top left of the launcher, you'll likely see that your game is stuck at a specific percentage—players report that 45% is usually where they get stuck.

If you're not sure whether or not you have anti-virus software, the most common ones are:

  • Avast
  • McAfee
  • AVG
  • Norton

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Troubleshooting the 0.1kB/s Bug During Valorant Updates

So, just close your Riot Launcher from Windows Task Manager by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESCAPE, then locate all processes relating to Riot Games, right click on them, and click "End task."

Windows Task Manager

After that, disable your anti-virus for a little while (all anti-virus software have a slightly different way of doing so), open your Valorant again, and it should finally complete its update.

If, for some reason, that didn't work, the next step is to hard reset your Vanguard with the following steps:

1. Close your Valorant Launcher again 2. Open your Command Prompt by pressing your Windows key, then typing "CMD" and hitting enter. You should see a black window with white text:

Windows Command Prompt

3. Here you need to enter two commands by typing the following lines and hitting enter after each one: sc delete vgc sc delete vgk 4. Restart your computer 5. Open your windows explorer and head over to your C: drive, then Program files, and look for the folder name "Riot Vanguard" 6. Delete that folder (it will be re-installed automatically) 7. Launch your game and see if it works

This fix has helped most users sort out the 0.1kB/s bug, we hope it helped you too!

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