5 Pro Tips to Earn Money Streaming Your Gameplay on YouTube

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Updated July 25, 2023.

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YouTube has millions of content creators trying to make an income off of creating videos and streaming content, so you need to stand out from the rest to be successful. Having more followers and subscribers means higher chances of receiving donations and getting viewers to join your channel as members—where they'll pay a subscription to use special features when you're broadcasting live on the site.

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1. Broadcast Consistently According to Your Content Calendar

It's important to have consistency in streaming content. Having a set schedule means the viewers who want to see your content know exactly when to show up to see you live. Sure, if your stream is shorter than eight hours, you have the option to save it as VOD that people can watch for a period of time. But the real entertainment is being able to communicate with your audience as a streamer, as well as interacting with your favorite streamer.

2. Produce High-Quality & Valuable Content

Yes, it's possible to stream with low-end rigs and equipment, but putting a little budget into a better microphone and camera (if you want to show your face) goes an extremely long way for your viewers. If you think about it, even if you're watching a stream at 480p, having clear sound makes it okay to watch, but bad sound even at 4k is just a bad experience.

Depending on your budget, you'll need to prioritize what you need to focus on to improve your stream quality.

  • Internet Connection: Do a speed test to find out what you're working with—at least 20Mbps up and down is a recommended speed for consistent streaming performance.
  • Audio Quality: Test for background noise that comes through your mic. It's best to get a standalone mic, but first, check if you can change sound filters on your streaming software.
  • Lighting: Get a decent ring light from Amazon—this will dramatically improve how well you appear on your video feed.

3. Personalize Your Content to Stand Out From the Rest

It's important that you bring something that fits your personality and character to the table, even if it's not entirely unique. For example, having a style of T-shirt that you exclusively wear while streaming can really make you more memorable. Here are some more examples:

Intros & Outros

Think of simple intros to use at the start of each video. It's usually a good idea to let your stream run for 5-10 minutes to let some of your audience hop on first before you start your intro. As for outros, keep it simple as well—"until next time, friends" works well, but try to find something that leans towards your personality.

Unique Catchphrases

Catchphrases can be a bit challenging, as they're something that best comes around naturally during your streaming career. If you have some catchy phrases you've been saying in the outside world, use them, but don't force them.

Custom Video Thumbnails

Stand out from the other streams with a custom video thumbnail. Bright colors and large text on your thumbnail work surprisingly well when trying to grab viewers' attention—combine that with a click-bait title, and you'll be seeing loads of traffic hitting your stream.

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4. Promote Your Videos Using the Correct YouTube SEO

YouTube is the biggest video platform worldwide, so you must know how to get your videos seen by millions of other content creators. Here are a few tips on how you can be found easier in the vast sea of content on YouTube.

  • Use Keywords: Refine keywords in your titles and descriptions to a potential niche market and you'll find more success.
  • Use Tags & Descriptions: You only have 20 tags and 5000 characters to work with, so use the space wisely.
  • Promote Your Channel: Take advantage of other social media platforms.
  • Monitor Analytics Closely: This will help you find your strengths and weaknesses in marketing your channel.

5. Interact With Your Viewers While Streaming

You shouldn't force conversations, but do chat with your viewers if they're communicating with you. One of the biggest highlights of being a streamer is being able to communicate with your audience, and doing so can keep them around for longer. It's okay not to respond to chat if you've got millions of followers and there are thousands of messages coming through per minute, or if the comment simply isn't worth responding to, but try not to ignore your chat completely.

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