How will the existing maps from CS:GO be updated in Counter-Strike 2?

Asked 5 months ago

Hey guys. I've been playing CS:GO for some time now, and I'm quite excited to try Counter-Strike 2, as well. I've heard there will be some revamps, though, so I was wondering if any of those changes will apply to maps. In other words, are any of the existing maps being updated? If they are, how? Thanks for answering.

Blaine Bean

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

There are 3 categories for maps coming to CS2. Touchstone maps are "basically perfect" and just get minor visual changes- like Dust 2. Other maps from CS: GO might end up in the "upgrades" category, where a stronger emphasis on visual reworking is involved. Then there's the "Overhauled" category, where Valve will make changes to maps from previous titles that may be quite significant to how those maps play.

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