How to Get and Open Masterwork Chests in League of Legends (for Free)

Unlock the secrets to obtaining Masterwork Chests and Keys for free in League of Legends with these simple tips.

Writer for Buff, Remi Smith
By Remi Smith
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Updated July 28, 2023.

Hey, summoners! Want to unlock epic LoL loot without spending a single Riot Point? Enter the world of Masterwork Chests that hold rare skin shards and exclusive cosmetics. The best part? You can get them and open them for free with a few great methods.

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Obtaining Masterwork Chests for Free

Events and Missions

Occasionally, Riot will host a limited-time event on LoL that usually have specific missions or quests to reward you with additional chests and keys. So, make sure to check out the event page and complete the objectives for more opportunities to earn these rewards during the event period.

Honor System

The honor system in League of Legends promotes positive behavior by rewarding players for good sportsmanship and conduct with keys to open Hextech Chests. The more honor a player receives, the higher their honor level rises, unlocking various rewards like keys, chests, skin shards, and essence. Key fragments can be used to make keys that can open any chest, and there's a small chance to find a Masterwork Chest while opening a regular Hextech Chest. Keys and chests can also be earned by winning games with good scores, receiving monthly capsules through Prime Gaming (for Amazon Prime members), and participating in special events.

Download Buff

Buff is an app that works with Overwolf to run in the background while playing League of Legends (or any game really) to passively earn Buff Points that you can use to redeem gift cards for certain stores and games, such as Riot gift cards for RP that you can use to purchase some Masterwork chests from the store. Purchasing Masterwork chests will award you free Mythic Essence at specific milestones.

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How to Open Masterwork Chests in League of Legends

While Masterwork Chests can be quite elusive if you're not purchasing them with real money, the keys needed to unlock them are more accessible. The same keys crafted from Hextech key fragments that you collect for regular Hextech Chests can also open Masterwork Chests. So, even if you're not spending money on chests, keep gathering those key fragments through gameplay, and you'll have a chance to unlock the treasures hidden within Masterwork chests.

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