Who Is the Newest Valorant Agent in Episode 5?

The newest Agent to come to Valorant in Episode 5, Act 3 is here! Find out how the newest addition to the roster works here.

Writer for Buff, Remi Smith
By Remi Smith
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Updated July 25, 2023.

Since Valorant's release, there have been many new additions to the roster. The latest is an agent with ancient technology allowing him to be a water-bending controller, and he's the 21st agent you can play, Harbor.

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Introducing Harbor

Harbor is a charismatic agent that comes from the coast of India and is equipped with technology that allows him to wield the power of water in unnatural ways. Harbor uses his hydro-powered abilities to shape the battlefield, protect allies, and disrupt and damage any opponents he comes across.

While his kit seems to let him play quite aggressively, his abilities are made to compete with Viper's. This makes him fall under the Controller category of the agents, and he is the 5th controller to be added to the roster.

If you're unfamiliar with the 4 roles in Valorant that make up a well-rounded team, here's a quick breakdown:

  • Controllers These agents are all about obstructing vision and shaping the battlefield, creating smoke fields and walls that opponents either have to walk around or risk walking through. If played correctly, controllers can stop rushes and make massively strategic plays for the team. Harbor's one of these.
  • Duelists These agents are designed to be really good at 1v1 combat, whittling down an enemy's defense and making them vulnerable for team fights. Jett has been a player-favorite duelist since the launch of the game.
  • Initiators These agents are equipped with abilities that are extremely good at starting fights—usually with disruptive capabilities or ones that give visual information. These agents are often perceived as support characters but are essential during team fights.
  • Sentinels Sentinels have abilities and skills that allow them to keep opponents back. This includes slowing down or halting opponents that are pushing forward or sneaking around the back of the map. Cypher is a great example of a sentinel.

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Harbor's Abilities

Now that you're familiar with the agent roles, let's take a look at Harbor's abilities to see what makes him such a strong new controller:


Harbor can send out a long, tall wall of water that can bend in the direction you look. The walls briefly slow opponents who cross through the watery screen, which can't be seen through but can be shot through. Harbor can create shorter walls by stopping his ability early.


Harbor can toss a projectile that expands into a large sphere of water that blocks bullets. Players and certain abilities can still pass through seamlessly. With enough bullets, the sphere can be destroyed by teammates or enemies.


Harbor can send forward a wave that acts as a smaller wall-smoke but is extremely tall. The wave can pass through map terrain and walls, and slows any enemies that pass through it or get hit by it. Harbor can cast his ability again to make his wave stop and stay in place.


Harbor's ultimate ability creates water geysers under the feet of every enemy within a selected area. Enemies who get caught by the geyser are stunned and revealed, though they can escape the geyser in time if they are fast enough.

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In a Nutshell

Harbor is an incredible controller with stronger versions of almost every type of walling and smoking ability. His cooldowns are a little steep as a result, but he's still undoubtedly overpowered if played correctly. Harbor is opening up and reshaping the meta, and it'll be interesting to see how different counters come into play in the competitive eSports scene.

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