Why Every Overwolf User Needs to Install Buff

Writer for Buff, Remi Smith
By Remi Smith
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Updated July 17, 2023.

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If you've ever played any popular competitive game along the likes of LoL, CS: GO, Rainbow 6 Siege, WoW, or Dota2, then you've probably heard of the ever-helpful software responsible for in-game overlays: Overwolf. If you're playing these games and you haven't gotten an in-game stat overlay—what are you waiting for?

The benefits that Overwolf provides with its different overlays are amazing. From gaining knowledge about your opponents to getting build guides based on your specific match, the resources that are provided by Overwolf are essential to gaining a better understanding of your opponents.

If you're already on board with Overwolf, then the extra knowledge in your games isn't the only benefit of using the app. You can also get free gift cards that you can spend on getting in-game currency and more with Buff!

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The Buff-Overwolf Partnership

Buff.game, if you haven't heard by now, is a gamers loyalty app that lets you claim gift cards in exchange for points earned by playing the popular games you're probably already playing. Buff uses in-game stats that are able to be gathered by having an official partnership with Overwolf, which has been a recognized software used by games for more than 10 years now.

Overwolf itself has been highly reputable since its launch. It has more than 200 apps in its free app store, amongst other cool features, and it's all completely safe. The partnership allows Buff to track your in-game stats, like your time spent in-game, your performance, and how much time you've spent playing which modes in which games. Buff then takes these stats and sells them to big game companies like Epic and Steam. It also provides users of the app with gift cards to claim for the points they've earned.

Buff has plans to integrate with every skill-based multiplayer game out there and provide you with passive points for any officially recognized game you're playing. Basically, that means that eventually, no matter what you're playing, you'll be on your way to a free reward, as long as you're a Buff user.

3 Reasons Why You Should Get Buff If You Use Overwolf

If you're still unsure whether you should install Buff or not, here are 3 main reasons to do so:

  1. Earn gift cards and more As I've mentioned before, you can trade in your Buff points that you've earned for gift cards—but not just for the games you're playing. Buff supplies gift cards from retail outlets, like Amazon and Bestbuy. If you're not interested in gift cards, there are also games you can claim, such as Fallout or Outlast, alongside merchandise, like a Razer mouse or keyboard!
  2. Extra challenges Since Buff has access to your in-game stats, they have the ability to create and track 3rd party challenges that you can complete for extra Buff points. This adds an extra challenge to your gaming experience that you can benefit from directly.
  3. Track your progress on your mobile You can get Buff on the App Store or on Google Play. This means that you can track your progress, collect your rewards, and earn even more Buff points by playing selected mobile games while Buff is running on your device!

Start Earning Buff Points Right Now

If you're playing the games with an Overwolf overlay, there's a good chance Buff supports it, too—so why not just grab the app and start getting free rewards?

Getting a hold of the app is really easy. Just download it, and it should install alongside Overwolf. If you have Overwolf installed, it should just add the app right into your app tray, and you're good to launch! Once it's open, just sign up (using your Google account is the easiest), and jump straight into your first game to start earning some Buff points!

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