Is Riot Vanguard the best anti-cheat software?

Asked a year ago

I've played a variety of games that have anti-cheat software, and usually they are quite pesky and like to act up a lot with just random applications with false positives... So far with Vanguard, it's been alright, hasn't flagged Buff or anything else. Does this mean that Riot Vanguard is the best anti-cheat on the market?

Remi Smith

Remi Smith

Wednesday, January 04, 2023

Vanguard is really just an anti-cheat system for Riot games in particular, so I wouldn't necessarily say it's the best, and though it is VERY good at what it does, many hackers still make their way into the game and use cheats to unfairly stomp on us. However, Buff shouldn't come up flagged on any anti-cheat system, as Overwolf is widely accepted as a legitimate info display.

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