Is Overwolf's Technology & Platform Safe to Use?

Is Overwolf's technology and platform safe to use? Learn more about the extensive efforts Overwolf puts to keep their users safe.

Chris Wong - Writer for Buff
By Chris Wong
Joel Taylor, editor for Buff
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Updated July 25, 2023.

As our users enjoy earning rewards while playing their favorite games through Buff, we want to make sure Overwolf gets the credit it deserves. Underlying Buff is Overwolf's premium technology, which has always had its sole focus on serving the community of gamers and developers. Beyond just Buff, Overwolf works with loads of other trusted partners in the gaming space, like Logitech and Ubisoft, to build the tech that gamers use and love.

Read on to learn more about Overwolf.

What Is Overwolf?

Overwolf is the world's leading framework for in-game apps & mods. Just like how Buff's overarching mission is to get players like you rewarded for the time you spend playing your favorite games, Overwolf has been doing the same for the creator side of the gaming, paying out $29 million to mod and app creators in 2021.

Overwolf empowers independent creators with the tools to build applications they had only dreamed of for the games you and fellow Buff users love. In order to achieve this mission at scale, keeping their technology safe to use for both creators and gamers is one of their utmost priorities.

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What Makes Overwolf Safe?

Gamers Are Their Top Priority

While building on the Overwolf platform is made super easy, getting an app released to the public is a meticulous process. Overwolf is dedicated to upholding legal and moral best practices, such as:

  • Never selling your personal data.
  • Allowing you to opt-out of data collection.
  • Full GDPR compliance.
  • Manual review and approval of every app before release.

They Are Committed to Compliance

Beyond just protecting gamers' privacy and hardware, Overwolf puts emphasis on maintaining positive relationships and integrity with the game developers and publishers who make the games Overwolf's creators are developing apps and mods for. Overwolf works hand-in-hand with game developers and publishers to ensure that apps and mods being developed by the Overwolf community comply with all of the terms and policies of the games you all love.


Here at Buff, we stand strongly with Overwolf's mission and values, as they ultimately provide a safe and enjoyable experience for users like you. Overwolf allows developers to enhance their games further without compromising your privacy or the performance of your games and hardware in any way.

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