Is it possible to skip ranks in Valorant?

Asked a year ago

Hey all

I've recently started playing Valorant with some of my friends from another game, and we've been doing great so far. We won quite a few games, so I was wondering if it's possible to actually skip ranks if we continue playing this well. But also, how does skipping ranks work in Valorant - how many games would we need to win in a row, or is there something else to it?


Lawrence Mcintyre

Monday, March 27, 2023

Yeah, it's possible to skip ranks in Valorant if you perform exceptionally well in your games. The exact ranking system is not openly available for us to see, but it is generally believed that consistently winning games against higher-ranked opponents can lead to skipping a rank. The number of games required to skip a rank is not fixed and depends on various factors, such as your individual performance in comparison to the team's overall performance.

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