Does running Buff eat up memory and lead to poor FPS in Valorant?

Asked a year ago

I have just 4gb of DDR3 RAM, and they're not very fast chips either. I hate having FPS drops since I played on a 144hz monitor, so I'd like to know if Buff will make me lose any frames if I have it open while playing Valorant.

Chris Wong

Chris Wong

Wednesday, November 09, 2022

Hey. I definitely understand the feeling of wanting to make use of the 144hz. As a general rule of thumb, so long as your PC is able to run the game, Buff can run in the background with no interference in performance or cause you any drop in frame rate. 4GB of RAM does meet the minimum system requirements for both Valorant and Buff, but if you are really looking to maximize performance, maybe lower the quality settings in game?

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