Are the sub-tick servers in CS2 better than FACEIT 128 tick servers in CS:GO?

Asked a year ago

Hey guys.

I've been a CS:GO player for a while now, and I prefer playing on 128 tick servers. It's just a bit more challenging for me. I don't know much about CS2 servers though, I expect them to be better, or at least just as good.

So, are there any improvements in how the sub-tick servers in CS2 work when compared to the FACEIT 128 tick servers?

Cleo Barron

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Yeah- as good as FACEIT's 128-tick servers are - sub-tick servers put the potential speed of the CS2 server's response rate at a level that is much higher than 128-tick servers. At the very least- sub-tick servers will perform the same or better than 128-tick servers as a baseline.

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