Can I use Buff points to buy ranked holosprays in Apex legends?

Asked 2 years ago

Apex players have been using holosprays as a way to announce their rank in a ranked arena. I think that this is a super cool idea. I'm close to getting my RP to 5400 ( currently on 4700), then I'll move to the Gold tier. Once I'm there I am hoping to get a holospray. Can I get one on the buff marketplace?

Remi Smith

Remi Smith

Tuesday, September 06, 2022

Nope. Ranked holosprays can only be earned through playing ranked matches. Placing in your respective rank position by the end of the ranked season will earn you only that holospray, so placing silver will only get you a silver holospray, not a bronze one as well. Good luck getting to gold, you'll earn a weapon cosmetic too if you do get there!

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